Taurus 2016 Love Horoscope

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The first semester of 2016 demands many transformations. These will be intense both at a personality and at an emotional level.

You will have to revise the values that you commonly built with your loved one. There will be some situational twists when you could lose a lot, so your life, your couple’s state could take another direction. This year, the main focus is still on routine, on letting go of useless habits and things in your love life. This goes on until November the 12, when this follows a highlighted course on the segment of love and affection. So, it may be that all your scenarios are preparing you for the great “transfiguration”, when a veil of pure feelings and special affection will finally appear into your life.

But up until then, the providence will make you go through constructive systematization – regarding pre-established regulations in choosing a major field of collaboration; some diplomatic intentions with your loved one. Otherwise, you will have to suffer big ruptures or limitations on an emotional level. All in all, until September, the domestic field is the one that brings you satisfaction. There, you feel in your own element. And your family is the one that gives you the opportunity to blossom. At least, this is what you feel or what you need. Somehow, you kept this on an insight level, but starting September, you will start to show that you need to have more fun. The tendency of romance, of life pleasures and, of course, of falling in love. Thus, having already been prepared, the big event could happen in November. It is probably the big love, the big love twist of your life.

During this entire period of time, you will have to keep in mind the fact that most of the time happiness has to be looked for before it can be found. But being stuck in old, dusted, comfortable and stiff plans will never bring you happiness, especially with the time, the speed with which events demand their rights. They want to be transformed, surpassed and reformed! This year has a big impact on revising, structuring, systematizing on a constructive affective plan. At the same time, it has high chances of a climatic ending on this level! This year’s motto from love’s point of view is: “To live the perfect love story that I deserve, I still have to straighten up some false structures. I still have to work, to settle, to grow up and to change a lot. Starting with myself and with the domains that no longer sustain me, I start renovating on an emotional level!”

2016 Love Horoscope

Taurus 2016 Love Horoscope
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