Virgo 2016 Love Horoscope

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You welcome this year with an overflowing emotional load. It seems this segment needs many, if not maximum changes. Here comes the moment in your life when that click has to happen. The big transformation. Crisis and loss might, effectively, keep a strong hold on you.

It is the time when the couple, relationship, love segment in your life needs cleansing. It needs maximum order. And if, so far, there were doubts about taking some drastic decisions, this year will no longer languish. And it won’t work with half measures anymore either.

It is the time for the great values. It is the time to obtain some lasting and realistic structures with a common, worldly base; with things and feelings of great and high rank. Until the half of March, the limitations and constrains might come on a domestic level. You will have to go through many moments of inner isolation.

You will probably feel like the prisoner of your own feelings. But you have to understand one thing: all bad things have one purpose and that is to add more value to your life from now on. Also, having confidence in your own forces will enormously help you go in this direction. Trust the intuition that will whisper the right directions for you to choose and trust the faith that you need to follow from now on.

Especially because starting August, to be more precise starting the second half of August, a new and brighter stage in your life will start. An auspicious stage for relations; a stage of chances and good luck in the affective segment.

All these will happen with the indication to communicate more; to highlight directions of maturity in your way of thinking and in your choices. And this must happen especially starting November, when you will have to stand out on a personal level but at the same time, on a relational level too. Somehow, you manage to find yourself in that field, your importance and how much weight you put in your relationship.

This year’s motto for you is: “I destroy the barriers that limit my evolution on the relational, affective plan, especially as an idea of lasting things in this area. I move forward towards new structures while listening to my heart with trust and faith. In these new structures my importance and the importance of my relationship will finally come to light surrounded by happiness!”

2016 Love Horoscope

Virgo 2016 Love Horoscope
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