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The equally bright and extraordinary Eris (usually responsible for the signs retrograde) will support Mercury that is the main heavenly patron of Gemini in April 2018. As a result of such an unusual combination, Gemini representatives can really expect some coincidences, and this month can definitely have a lot of peculiarities for them. For example, it should be noted right away that in contrast to expectations, April will be moderately dynamic for you, and there will be no bright take-offs for now. An exception may come in the form of some special event, but this is an individual aspect that is beyond the scope of this horoscope. In addition, it makes sense to take a look at another thing: this month for your sign is especially good in terms of gaining knowledge. It can be about continuing your education through skills, upgrading courses, or pursuing an additional or alternative specialty. The range of possibilities is wide, and you just need to take a closer look at what is happening around you. In general, mindfulness will be dominating over assertiveness, self-confidence and other character traits peculiar to Gemini. Do not rush in accepting the rules of the game, even if you are confident in your abilities. April can give you a lot, but because of the unfavorable location of Pluto, any mistakes may cost you too much, so there's no point in taking chances.

If we project the situation into the sphere of work and finances, then April 2018 can really become a significant time for the zodiac sign of Gemini. Do not rush finishing old projects, even when you come really close to the finish line. Perhaps you did not have time to do something. Or, did you end up doing those projects not in the way they needed to be done in accordance with current circumstances The more flexible you are now, the more opportunities will open up before you. And in regards to resources being involved, you should not be doubtful - you will have plenty of everything that you need. The main thing - do not forget about the purpose of your activity.

If money is an end in itself for you, well ... this is also possible, but your work should meet certain criteria in that sense. For Gemini representatives who have their own businesses everything will be somewhat simpler because the direction will be obvious for them, and they will be able to march victoriously to the heights in a steady fashion, not turning back for anyone. If you do not have a private business, then it makes sense to look around. Probably, at some point you will realize that you do not have the opportunity to go further alone. There is nothing to worry about, even if you are not a team player, such skills will never be wasted, and it is really never too late to learn others. Just do not let yourself be lazy; reach for new horizons, and then you will succeed.

There might be some complication with finding those new horizons in your love life. It is important to keep an eye not only on opportunities, but also on desires. If you want it, go ahead and do it (of course, staying within legal limits at the same time!). Otherwise, you simply will not have enough motivation, and you will feel bad about yourself. In fact, single Gemini representatives may get away with some "small victories" and obtain the position they need in April 2018. If you know exactly what you want, then all the questions are removed. If you are not sure, then nothing will give you guarantees until you decide on the direction. You do not have to hurry, as in the most cases the time will work in your favor. Thus, at least you'll never be late, even if your contemplations take too much time. Anticipate in the finale of the month that there are some moments possibly related to your potential crush, in which you would like to be a most active participant. For Gemini representatives with families, this month will be slow-paced one, although if there is a need to learn a new skill, it will be a very handy time to do so. Of course, you do not need to do this all by yourself; engage someone from home - this engagement will benefit everyone. In general, try to stay close to those who are not indifferent toward you. Even if it is not the most dynamic, it is still a quite sensual time that can strengthen your relationships.

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Gemini April Horoscope
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