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One of the most "soft" and sincere signs, Pisces, in April of 2016 once again will get convinced that the foundations of their lives are not only objective, but also prolific in all respects. The position of Venus, which is the exaltation planet your sign, will not be very advantageous for you, so it makes sense to set all your forces in motion to achieve the established goals. Unfortunately, Mercury, which in its normal position is responsible for the "expulsion" of the house of Pisces, will also be strengthened with some rather negative waves. This means that at the peak of spring some quite serious problems might await you at work. However, your ruler, Jupiter, will be fully on your side and will help you resolve any difficulties in your "personal affairs". Apart from that, the Moon, being "the heavenly leader" of the air trine, will supply you with a few "bonuses"; they will rather unclear, though very noticeable, especially in the final stage of the current period. Therefore, in general, you can count on the support of the celestial bodies in the solar system, although the lion’s share of the whole "work" will lie on your shoulders. But for the majority of Pisces, whose fate often unveils happily, these situations are far from being uncommon, so they’ll sail through the upcoming stage of life very gracefully.

In terms of work and business, April of 2016 can hardly be called successful. There’ll be hardly any remarkable dynamics going on during the current stage, though most people born under the sign of Pisces will be able to seriously prop up their position and prepare a strong foundation for their future development. Take this information into account when you decide that it’s time for you to act. Undoubtedly, standing still without any movement is even worse, so do not waste your time in vain. If you have planned to do something in the first ten days of the month but your resources for this project are drained, then you need to swiftly shift to another project. It’s much easier to infinitely regret the missed opportunities rather than pull yourself together and put all your capabilities to use. Overall, Pisces is an exceptionally hard-working and meticulous zodiac sign, and if you perceive this feature of your character as an advantage, you’ll quickly find out how to benefit from it. In regards to your other affairs, proceed as you’re used to. No exceptional events are expected during this month, so feel free to maintain your self-confidence, consecutively tackling your scheduled tasks one after another (though not full scale).

The scope of personal relationships for the zodiacal sign Pisces in April of 2016 will be largely similar to the working sphere; the general energy levels will be at least the same. That is, you are unlikely to be engaged in solving some epic tasks, but still some things will really bear significance for you. So chill out and stay focused; the stars recommend paying attention to your family this month. If there has long been some kind of problem brewing or even a series of problems, then now is the best time to attend to them and neutralize the detrimental situation. Do whatever you think is necessary; don't limit yourself in the number of methods you use now, as it is crucial to resolve this challenging situation as soon as possible. This way it'll no longer impose any "pressure" on you or your cohort. If you don't encounter any troublesome situations at the beginning of the month, it means that something like this is yet to catch your sight, most likely at the end of the second decade. At the same time, while dealing with your partner, don't be afraid to experiment; keep coming up with something original and brightand try to bring something new to your relationship.

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Pisces April Horoscope
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