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Happy New Year, Aquarius! With Venus in your sign this month, you’re attracting all the attention and have a spring in your step. There are powerful changes unfolding behind the scenes in your life as you enter January. You’re in between eclipses, nearing the end of an 18-month phase of transformation that has asked you to confront your deepest fears of failure and success and look at subconscious conditioning surrounding how this world works and your place in it. Developing a regular meditation will be powerfully grounding this month and over the course of the year.

As the Cancer full moon and lunar eclipse align on January 10, a health or work situation comes to light. Life is changing, and you don’t have all the answers, but take things one day at a time and you can see the next steps. You can manifest, build, and live the life of your dreams, but it will require you to take conscious steps toward it.

As the sun enters your sign on the twentieth, you’re ready to step into the light. January 24 brings the Aquarius new moon and marks a deeply personal new start. You are not who were a week ago, let alone a month or a year ago. Be true to yourself now and you can unfurl into all you’ve become and are becoming.

Standout days: 7, 16, 23
Challenging days: 10, 12, 13

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