Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

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Conversations early in the month spark new ideas and adventures, but you needn’t go too far. What you seek is hidden in your backyard and closer to home – literally or metaphorically.

On May 4, the Taurus new moon marks a new cycle in your ability to sink deeper into a sense of security and belonging. Domestic and family matters are highlighted, but as you reach a deeper understanding of the past, you can free yourself of a ball and chain.

Opportunity is knocking as Venus enters Taurus and Mars enters Cancer on the fifteenth. Invite it in and nurture the roots of your life.

The Scorpio full moon on May 18 draws your attention to a professional matter. This is the end and beginning of an era, opening the door to greater personal and creative freedom and security. Discover the wealth of treasures at your feet.

On the twenty-first, the sun and Mercury enter and meet in Gemini, and there is a creative solution to whatever situation you face. Listen to your heart. It knows the way to manifest your dreams into reality.

Monthly Horoscope

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