Aries Monthly Horoscope

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Things are buzzing socially, but a retrograde Mercury and new moon in Pisces are drawing you inward to rest, recharge, reflect, replenish, meditate, and reconnect with a soul vision. You don’t have all the answers, but messages coming through in dreams and quiet moments are offering insight that has eluded you.

Uranus in Aries has pushed your limits. You’ve grown in self-awareness, surprising even yourself. With Uranus in Taurus over the coming seven years, you’re being asked to remain detached from material loss and gain and dig deeper to discover your true (intangible) value. You’re worth more than you think. It’s your heart, creativity, and ingenuity that are your true wealth. You don’t “need” much. You value freedom above all.

As the sun enters Aries on the day of the Libra full moon, a relationship is reflecting a truth to you about yourself. Avoid comparisons and people pleasing. Be honest. Then you can choose in alignment with your values, strengthening relationships with equals who are on the same path as you, a path of mutual love, respect, and freedom. Dreams can come true, but you must believe.

Standout days: 10, 14, 20
Challenging days: 1, 13, 24

Monthly Horoscope


Aries Monthly Horoscope
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