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With the sun powering through your sector of productivity throughout much of September, you’re finding the right work/life balance (solar sixth house). While the demands of your career are certainly high now—and you have a chart packed with professional opportunities—it is also likely that September will encourage you to slow down and prioritize self-care.

A full moon on September 1 lights up the night, singing a lullaby to send you to sleep. This full moon falls in your sector of hidden matters, healing, and rest, so it is advised that you lie low or find closure with matters that you wish to release near this time (solar twelfth house).

Mars, your ruler, has been gifting you with tremendous reserves of energy and passion in recent months. However, it will also be feeling the need to pause as it stations retrograde on the ninth (solar first house). For months ahead, your ruler will not only being moving backward but be doing so within your sign, causing a tremendous need to lie dormant as the world shifts around you.

Of course, this is unlike your normal temperament because you’re a conqueror and leader, but the more you fight the tides now, the more energy you’ll waste. While you may experience obstacles to your personal goals and plans, the universe is showing you that there is a time to rest and a time to strike. Life is a strategy, so go with the currents.

Happily, though, when miraculous Jupiter turns direct on September 12, you should once again see career opportunities come your way for months ahead (solar tenth house). Hopefully, you’ve used the time in recent months to fine-tune your plans, but again, don’t launch anything new during the Mars retrograde.

The new moon on the seventeenth highlights your employment sector, so if you’re looking for new work or you want to take on more projects in your current position, you’re in luck (solar sixth house).

When the sun moves into your partnership sector on September 22, watch as your attention turns toward your most important relationship in business or love (solar seventh house). The month ahead will help you grow closer, or for single Aries, find someone with lasting potential.

Standout days: 9, 17, 28
Challenging days: 4, 21, 24

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