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June 2020 holds many twists and turns on the path for you, Aries. Interestingly enough, though, many of these roads before you may actually be calling you to retread avenues from the past. A major theme this month is about revisiting and reviewing your life, as well as reconnecting with people from chapters you likely thought were closed.

With Mars, planet of energy, powering through the most hidden part of your chart (your solar twelfth house) throughout much of June, you could be deeply reflective and focusing on private affairs. With the past being activated, you could be passionately handling situations you thought were tied up and done from before but aren’t. Other Aries could be focusing immensely on finding closure, healing, and letting go.

Mercury, planet of the mind, also goes retrograde in your sector of the home (your solar fourth house) on the seventeenth, further urging you to review how you are building your future and if you’re on the right track to manifest your greatest ambitions.

Destiny shifts significantly this month, too, because you are entering eclipse season. The lunar eclipse on June 5 (in your solar ninth house) encourages you to launch into new territory, especially in connection to academics or international matters. Some Aries could see a publishing or media project also coming to light at this time.

However, the solar eclipse in Cancer (your solar fourth house) on the twentieth is blasting the door open to more stability in your home and family that you clearly need. An opportunity to move or fix up your living space could manifest. You’ll likely be feeling more emotional, too, so listen to your intuition regarding what needs to be “fixed” in your life.

Last in June is when Mars, your ruler, enters your zodiac sign for the first time in two years on June 27. Your energy will roar powerfully in the coming months, so prepare to feel more mighty and confident than you have all the year prior.

Standout days: 4, 12, 15
Challenging days: 7, 11, 16

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