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You’ve been traveling a long road, and your journey is leading you to the top this month. You’re in the public eye—personally and professionally—and in demand socially. Be authentic and lead by example and you can automatically gravitate toward your tribe.

As Venus enters Aries on February 7, practice self-care and love yourself better and you can attract, create, and be open to receiving what you desire.

The next day, the Leo full moon highlights a creative situation and matters of love, romance, and the heart. You can have what you want if you dare to acknowledge it.

Mercury stations retrograde and Mars enters Capricorn on the sixteenth, marking a peak professional moment. You may secretly have doubts about the future of a (perhaps professional) situation, but you needn’t doubt yourself. You have what it takes and the support of partners who want you to succeed. Reflect on your ambitions, soul vision, and mission. Don’t be afraid to let go of aspirations you’ve outgrown so you can step into your potential. You needn’t reveal all your secrets, but stay true to your integrity.

Move inward to rest, recharge, and reflect when the sun enters Pisces on February 18. Deepen or cultivate a daily meditation practice. It will sharpen your intuition and bring clarity, insight, and focus.

The Pisces new moon on the twenty-third is a chance to dream a new dream. And whatever you dream, you can trust the universe has dreamed it bigger and better.

Standout days: 7, 16, 21, 24, 25
Challenging days: 16, 28, 21, 23

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