Aquarius August Horoscope

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August 2018 will be a time of vivid and unforgettable experiences for the sign of Aquarius, especially because the stars are predicting new acquisitions and achievements. Due to the particularly favorable location of the Sun, the final month of the summer is ideal for long-awaited purchases. Also, the larger the scale of this purchase, the more joy and positive emotions you experience, so don't skimp on yourself. In addition, during this period it is good to showcase your altruism. Everything goes according to the good old saying: the more you give, the more you get. In general, at this stage a lot of folklore sayings will be applicable to you, so keep your eyes open – your luck is just there. Also, it is good to spend time with friends and relatives, preferably outdoors in nature. But in general, the location does not matter much; the main thing is that everyone should be happy spreading fun and positivity. However, it's worth paying attention to your behavior. It's unlikely that you yourself will think so, but someone might consider your actions to be provocative. Do not instigate conflicts - try to resolve all issues right away. Also, try to admit your mistakes immediately; arrogance and stubbornness can destroy you. But, don't take the blame for mistakes that weren't yours; otherwise, unfavorable circumstances may appear again, but without the almighty trio of Sun, Uranus and Neptune on your side.

Focusing on the area of work and finance in more detail, it is fair to note that August 2018 is very good in terms of making major investments. Those who have their own business can think to consider this time for expanding their sphere of influence. Right now your most loyal allies will help you, but if you believe that there are not enough available resources, you should try attracting those necessities. It will not be difficult, and it is sufficient just to keep an eye on everything happening around you. Do not be afraid to seem excessively materialistic, or even mean. At this stage, Mercury will require self-confidence from you, and clearly-defined plans that you need to follow in order to fulfill your greatest dreams. Nobody forces you to stick to anything, so just get a hold of yourself. Aquarians who work for others will have to work hard in August, but it will be worth it in the end. You only need to rely on yourself, and so naturally you will enjoy the greatest benefits resulting from your actions. On the other hand, cooperation is also welcomed, so you need to choose your strategy according to the situation. In general, now is a good time to spend money acquiring something or investing in something. August is not particularly good for just hanging on to everything without putting it to work.

Looking into the area of personal issues, you have to be creating, rather than acting. Single Aquarius persons need to concentrate, and apply some outside-of-the-box thinking, for only then they will be able to conquer their crush's heart, soul, and... well, whatever they want to conquer. There are indeed a couple of potential "better halves" appearing on the horizon. Of course, the voice of your heart will push you toward the right choice, but be careful, because the voice of the flesh can be much stronger and more tempting. In any case, something interesting is waiting for you, but not necessarily anything far-reaching. Act as usual in all situations, staying true to yourself, not trying too hard to adjust your behavior to anyone else's taste. Your routine may get shaken-up when one of your loved ones suddenly does something quite unusual for him. Don't be embarrassed, just take note of the situation. Aquarius representatives with families will have to work hard. You will have many unique opportunities as well as some motivation to pleasantly surprise your loved ones, either all of them at once, or each of them separately (it really doesn't matter how). The main thing is to go along with this sudden impulse, so you will strengthen not only relationships within your family, but your own self-esteem as well.

The way you operate won't be very logical or very effective. You will either be in a hurry or you will procrastinate. It will be a real challenge for you to take up, in order to find a happy medium. This period won't therefore be the most favourable to your plans, so be content to consider them and wait patiently. If you have a chance to take a holiday, make the most of it.

The stars will be moving forward and in a few weeks, the way will be clear. It will be the best possible moment to take a rest, put yourself on hold and seize the opportunity when it comes up. You will then have every reason to congratulate yourself for having been able to observe the elements and find the right ingredients to achieve that perfect balance.

Love overview:
Your love-life will warm up a little during the second week, but you won't necessarily want to be taken by surprise. You will have good relations with those around you and your partner, but will still see the wider picture as disconcerting. You will prefer not to be too persistent regarding your need to express your hopes and expectations. You will wait till someone seeks you out.

In a relationship:
You will enjoy well-earned holidays together. Your mutual exchanges will be in pleasant mode, but you will keep things to yourself. Maybe you could benefit from a one-to-one, to talk to each other with complete sincerity.

If you get to the bottom of things, you will realise what you need. Dialogue will sometimes be necessary to see things clearly. This will enable you to go back to square one in all your relationships. You should open up dialogue on the 7th and 8th.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Don't be too demanding. If you take futile risks, you will lose the things that are important to you. Be observant on the 30th and 31st, as the brakes will lift.

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Aquarius August Horoscope
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