Aquarius August Horoscope

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With the Sun in your house of couples, you'll be closer to your partner, and the need for affection and appreciation will increase very much. You may also have a wrong perception, expect something the person next to you cannot give, delude yourself about a particular person or be the victim of somebody who wants to take advantage of your feelings. You'll start a phase in which the pleasures of the flesh won't be enough any more and you'll look for a secret or spiritual dimension in eroticism.

If you don't notice the necessity of these changes, you might get serious frustrations over it.Sexually, a big appetite will characterize all the month in August 2016.

Affectively, the first week will be more complicated: either your reactions will be exaggerated with no reason or there will occur arguments regarding money or other material issues. Starting with the second week of August, there will be harmony within the family again; if you're single, you'll have new opportunities of meeting the person of your dreams. Long distance relationships or those starting while traveling are favored.

The knowledge axis will be very stimulated and your horizon will widen by information and traveling. It'll be an interesting period for intellectual activities, market surveys, negotiations, procedures, various exchanges. Work or business partnerships will be in the spotlight, but won't lack incidents: a possible disappointment from a collaborator or a possible transaction in which you get fooled. Financially, you'll start having all sorts of ideas about banks, insurances, investments.

It's possible to deal with some transactions or have some discussions to regain a possession or get a sponsorship or other material advantages.August will be an active month, exciting and prosperous if you work in sales, assurance, accountancy or banks. In the area of your personal finances, there will be a revival.

You could have your eyes on an acquisition, a loan or a business or you could benefit from a raise of your partner's or associates' income. Beware though! Your nervous system is fragile and over solicited and your mental state is tense. Moreover, there's a threat of problems while traveling. Be careful when driving, walking, climbing, etc.Jupiter in Capricorn will provide you with much physical energy and optimism.

Depending on your natal chart, you could, however, deal with a crisis situation in the first part of the month that can cause you worry and fear. But due to your strong nature, you're expected to overcome it successfully. Pay attention to journeys, especially in the first decanate, but not only! There's a certain risk of accidents.

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Aquarius August Horoscope
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