Aries August Horoscope

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The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will keep lending you plenty of physical energy, sexual included, and stirring your spirit of adventure in August 2016.The Sun will go through your house of eroticism, and in your house of couples there'll be a lot of fuss created by Venus, Mars and Saturn.

In brief, you'll have a significant period affectively speaking, whose start, in August 2016, can be passionate, if not devastating.The couple relationship seems to be protected from the turbulences of August 2016. Venus, the planet that rules it, is well placed in the sensitive and peaceful sign of Cancer. It's not the right time for spectacular conquers or ravishing passions, but more likely for tenderness, privacy and obsolete romanticism...

The affective memory will recapture the past and you might meet an ex-lover.Collaborations, contracts and clients will have special relevance and it's not excluded that your couple partner will have major influence on professional decisions. No matter how, your bold plans will need some external input to be carried through.

Creativity and expressing talent will flourish.Money will come as recognition of your merits and may depend on the relational sphere, as well.Beware of rivalry, competition, contests, and trials, arguments with bosses or authorities! With Saturn square Mars in the house of work you can expect pretty much stress. The relations with colleagues and close entourage can be tense and troubles related to business trips, negotiations, documents and work tools are not excluded.

You'll jump to decisions and discussions, and some initiatives of yours will be put a stop to.
But you won't experience financial problems and when in need, you can always successfully turn to friends or protectors. You'll be in a great shape, physically speaking; you might even be said to have too much energy. It'd be great if you used it by doing sports or exercising, but only the type of actions that don't involve risks.

This full period will urge you to all kinds of rush actions, and some can end badly.Don't give in to the temptation of speeding! Avoid conflicts and any excess or thoughtless gesture!In August 2016 you'll be party-prone and things will be cozier around the house and family, but it won't be a great month for your health.

The problems will be especially related to stress, to the hygiene characteristic of an inappropriate lifestyle and own imprudence.

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Aries August Horoscope
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