Cancer August Horoscope

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Being a representative of Water element, Cancers will not receive an additional heavenly patron. Moreover, among the planets of the solar system occupying dominant positions at this stage, there is none that will particularly favor your sign. But, there is nothing to worry about, because your sign will actually take an extremely good position, especially if your main patrons Moon and Jupiter are not going anywhere and stay with you throughout. In general, this period will be especially successful in terms of solving pressing issues related to your work. Your love life will take a back seat, but this will not be a problem. Coming soon you will also encounter many interesting situations, and some of them will be associated with new acquaintances (not necessarily life-changing ones, though some of them might turn out to be such). Now, it is very important not only to define clearly your own position and attitudes, but also to understand the positions of other people, including their perspectives and aspirations. Of course, you should concentrate on understanding primarily those who are most inclined toward you. On the other hand, try to keep in mind the famous proverb about Rome and the Romans, and try to stay attentive to others' behavior. Despite the fact that now the stars really favor you, a single careless word (especially said in a state of intoxication) can become a decisive one and destroy all of your plans.

Cancers who have their own businesses can act in a bold, aggressive and even risky way! This is a great time for those who have been waiting to implement some unusual project that was considered to be slightly insane by everyone else. But here you need to be cautious, because not every situation can conclude in a positive way. Join those whom you trust unconditionally. You need people you can rely on, who will have your back. If you decide to act alone, you are unlikely to achieve significant success. This period is still good to expand a business or to generate new sources of income. Cancers working for organizations also need to listen to other people's advice, but only to a certain extent. Circumstances can develop in your favor, but this is not a strategy to be relying on every day. If there is an opportunity to delay some of your current initiatives, so that later you can start the project when it will be larger in scale and more promising in terms of outcome, then you need to wait. Now time will work in your favor for the majority of situations. It is always a big advantage when there is an opportunity to stop and reflect on what is happening. Moreover, this trend will be true for other signs representatives, so it will not be difficult to find allies.

In the field of personal relationships Cancers can count on the help of those whose advice was previously considered to be irrational and even stupid. This month, however, will be surprising and unusual in many ways, and not only for yourself, but for many people closest to you. Therefore, you should not allow yourself to act for the sake of being busy; this month, look at the root of the situation and resolve it as quickly as possible. Do not let conflicts develop, and do not let yourself and others get upset, otherwise, problematic situations will start flaring up one after another. Single Cancers need to identify those people whom they can follow. It does not matter who, an idol from childhood or your best friend. The only things that truly matter to your development are your worldview and your attitude. Relationships that destabilize you need to be done away with as soon as possible, even if the whole process of ending those contacts turns out to be complicated. For the lucky ones with significant others, the same applies, but with one fundamental difference. As of now it is better for you to choose your own individual way. Do it in most situations, if possible. However, do act in any way you can, because there cannot be any guarantees of certain consequences. This will help you to minimize your risks and to spend the final month of the season in a positive mood.

A few frustrations and some awkwardness, at both family and admin level will slightly complicate your life. You will start the same operation or maybe the same speech again several times and this will be irritating. The good news is that you will have great aptitude for pulling away from a reality that will be annoying and you won't turn down this opportunity.

And why not? You will have found the right solution for getting everyone to agree and avoiding people being difficult. Your intuition and convictions will provide a safeguard and you will calmly keep things running on a daily basis, while maintaining a certain independence. Ultimately, you won't say what you think and that's not necessarily a bad thing. You will thus avoid putting your foot in it, without wanting to. On the 17th and 18th, you could be sensitive without apparent reason.

Love overview:
You could feel threatened by the behaviour of certain people and as a result, you will find it hard to keep your cool and communicate in a level-headed manner. If you resist the pressure and accept delays to your plans, you will handle your emotions better on all fronts.

In a relationship:
You will find it hard to make yourself undertsood, but you will be keen to make an effort and accept the need to seek a balance. You will avoid conflict by by remaining objective. The 1st will be favourable for declaring your love.

You will very quickly understand the situation at stake and will choose to take a step back. You won't really want to get involved and will do anything for peace. You won't even see that someone is making eyes at you.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The status quo, as imposed by the heavens, will be the best way to get through this period. Stay on the sidelines, under cover from opposing elements. The stars will start to move again in your direction.

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Cancer August Horoscope
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