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With Pluto in your house of couples, harassed on one hand by Jupiter-Uranus, and on the other by Saturn, Mars and Venus, there are complicated times in store for your relationship.There's a very strong passionate background, but it'll mostly be built on disruptive, sudden, and difficult-to-control energies. The tendencies will be dramatic and the happenings will be of the beyond-your-control type.

The relationship will be subjected to a risk of conflict or separation, but there's also the possibility for your partner to undergo a difficult period.Venus in Cancer will enhance your capacity to seduce and affective availability. You'll attract love, you'll need spoiling and affection, you'll be able to offer tenderness in your turn.

If you already have a steady relationship, you'll probably spend many pleasant moments by your partner's side. If you haven't met your half yet, August 2016 will be favorable to starting a new relationship.With the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction intensely stimulated in your house of career and social status, important changes could take place, especially in the first part of August 2016. They aren't necessarily expected or wanted, but the novelty can come suddenly, if not even brutally.

Collaborations and contracts will have a tense period. Family (partner, parents) or love will have considerable influence on your decisions.

Fortunately, you'll be OK with money. Beware, though, between August 13th and 23rd 2016, because you might have some losses or disappointment.With Venus nearby, relationships will work in your favor: you'll be lucky in collaborations and associations, and social contacts will help you in your career.

August 2016 can bring you money and other material advantages, but you'll have a hard time saving what you earn.Mars will still try to hit you from behind and it will succeed if you don't pay enough attention to papers, sign what you're not supposed to, be indiscrete and waste carelessly.Stress! As much stress as one can take, professionally, relationally, personally. August 2016 will be much too hectic for your peaceful and sensitive nature.

Over solicitation can cause risky actions that could lead to injuries or accidents. Unexpected health problems are also possible and they will develop rapidly, painfully, and strangely. Caution!Venus will lend you the good mood that will help you relax and be charismatic in difficult moments. But it's a rather idle and pleasure-loving planet so exercise and take it easy on sweets!As for the rest... don't take risks! Mars will be watching!

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Cancer August Horoscope
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