Capricorn August Horoscope

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Those of you who are looking for ‘financial angels’, outside backing, or to pay off debt enter a great period this month. Jupiter moves into your 8th House, fostering success and best-case scenarios in all these areas.

This is a month of soaring libido and expansion through downsizing. Whatever needs pruning in your life will get it, so that growth can happen faster and better. Like last month this is an excellent period for detox and weight-loss programmes. It is great for psychological therapies aimed at transformation or the breaking of addictions.

You have the opportunity to give birth to a ‘new you’ – the person you dream of being. Watch for the opportunities – they are coming. The planets are still mostly in the West, so remember previous discussions. Adapt, adjust and compromise. The time is soon coming when you will have more independence and be more in charge of your destiny. Planetary power is shifting to the East by the end of the month, but this won’t be established until next month. Many planets are re-stimulating eclipse points this month.

This indicates short-term upheavals in various departments of life. If you have corrected the flaws brought up by the eclipses, these re-stimulations will only be like an exam – they confirm your success or show the degree of your success. If you haven’t completely dealt with these flaws, these re-stimulations provide you with new opportunities to do so. Like last month, Venus crosses another eclipse point from the 9th to the 21st – another short-term career disturbance.

The Sun crosses an eclipse point on the 28th and 29th, causing a shortterm upheaval with your spouse’s income or with a debt situation. But these are all just bumps on a road towards greater good. The long-term prognosis is good. Health is getting better and better. By the 23rd you have enough energy to achieve your heart’s desire. Health is enhanced by metaphysical means and by gaining a deeper understanding of health principles. Knowledge is important healthwise. With a powerful 9th House after the 23rd, foreign lands beckon.

Travel opportunities will come, or you are already taking up these opportunities. Educational opportunities will also come and you should take them. In general, power in the 9th House brings religious and philosophical illumination (if you want it), a widening of your horizons and a general optimism. Social activities are winding down, but they are not worsening. The attainment of financial goals needs more work on your part.

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Capricorn August Horoscope
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