Capricorn August Horoscope

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In August 2016, the power of passion seems to be directing towards something else, not love. Professional plans and the ambition to stand out and to succeed will be priorities. If, however, you get heart palpitations, it'll probably be because of somebody from the high spheres you're aiming at or somebody who's well-known for their financial, political or administrative power. If you already have such an engagement, you expect too much of the person next to you.

Sexual motivations will prevail over the sentimental ones.Sexually, a big appetite will characterize all the month in August 2016. Affectively, the first week will be more complicated: either your reactions will be exaggerated with no reason or there will occur arguments regarding money or other material issues. Starting with the second week of August, there will be harmony within the family again; if you're single, you'll have new opportunities of meeting the person of your dreams. Long distance relationships or those starting while traveling are favored.

You'll have a lot of determination in following your goals, and your goals in this period are pretty ambitious. It'll be an all-out battle on your behalf to get a promotion or recognition or to
consolidate/maintain your position. You'll invest energy and initiative, you won't hesitate to fight over something you want very badly, and when possible, you'll make use of connections, personal charm and diplomacy. An approximately two-month period will start, in which studies, culture, trips or long-distance relationships will have higher relevance.

Financially, there's still a long way to go until you get where you want. Avoid damage and frauds between 13th and 23rd August 2016! August will be an active month, exciting and prosperous if you work in sales, assurance, accountancy or banks. In the area of your personal finances, there will be a revival.

You could have your eyes on an acquisition, a loan or a business or you could benefit from a raise of your partner's or associates' income. Beware though!

You'll have a hard time relaxing: you either don't have the time, or, when you have it, you don't manage to make the tension go away. Maybe you could use some relaxing exercises, taken either from yoga, or from the psychotherapy techniques (visualization, etc.).

If necessary, you might take a trip for medical reasons.Jupiter in Capricorn will provide you with much physical energy and optimism. Depending on your natal chart, you could, however, deal with a crisis situation in the first part of the month that can cause you worry and fear. But due to your strong nature, you're expected to overcome it successfully. Pay attention to journeys, especially in the first decanate, but not only! There's a certain risk of accidents.

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Capricorn August Horoscope
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