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With a passionate Venus-Mars conjunction in your house of eroticism, adventure, flirt, and fun, you can't miss love!It'll be a problem in case you already have an engagement whose only fault is not to be as exciting as it used to be. Because, if the stars seem to favor sexuality and new love stories, it won't be the same for already built partnerships. The latter ones can undergo turbulences...After the hot period of Venus-Mars conjunction passing through Gemini, you'll only be with Mars now. The sentimental side will fade and instead it will enhance the desire to conquer, the sexual impulse, the need for adrenaline. You'll provoke, promptly react to challenges, experience urgent and burning passions.

Fortunately, the passionate Mars is in good relations with Jupiter, the ruler of the house of couples, so... keep up the good work!August 2016 will be much more favorable to holidays, relaxation and fun than to work and fixed schedules. However, you can do very well with intellectual activities and can enjoy special success if you highlight your talent and imagination.

It's not a good idea to rely on others' promises, but to get down to work and take care of everything by yourself. Financially, the pressure will be rather high. It depends where it comes from: the effort to make money or the frustration born out of hardships.With Mars in Gemini, you'll have a period strewn with hot moments, rush decisions and various incidents.

On the other hand, you'll overflow with energy, ambition and initiative, so you'll be able to solve many things and to advance considerably. You'll have to decide something regarding the house or properties and you'd better not haste, but think calmly and objectively.

Financially, you'll enjoy good times.Excellent physical shape, excellent morale. Very much sexual energy, need for adrenaline, wishes for experiments and adventure.

It's recommendable that you don't push it, though, because at a general level the circumstances will be so tense and risky that you might draw the rage of stars to you eventually, even though they will seem to be benevolent at first.You'll have strength and resistance, and even some extra energy that you'd better use for vigorous physical activities: sport, hikes, etc. Try not to be hasty and careless, because it can lead to injuries or accidents!

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Gemini August Horoscope
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