Leo August Horoscope

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With the ruler of your house of couples keeping company with Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the planet of desire, and with the ruler of your house of love and eroticism in the passionate Aries, you'll have high chances to enjoy an extremely sentimental August 2016.

The most significant opportunities are strongly connected to trips/distances and communication. Another version, less sober, is the one in which common intellectual preoccupations favor meeting people, passion or keeping the flame burning.The fact that the master of the house of couples is square Mars foreshadows stormy clouds, therefore keep yourself safe! How? Be rational and avoid discussions of any kind, but especially those on money.

Located in your sign, the Sun will light upon you like a spotlight and will help you mark out your artistic talents and organizational attributes.However, unless you're on holiday, August 2016 will be a hard month as regards work. You'll be demanded to do a lot or you'll be looking for perfection. The over solicitation risk will be very high.With the Sun in Leo, there will be more circumstances that will highlight your qualities and abilities, and will provide opportunities for official recognition, promotion, reward. Still, don't let your enthusiasm put your vigilance to sleep or draw you to risky situations, on which you can easily lose control!

It'll be an interesting period from the point of view of collaborators and group actions, but watch it out for them not to interfere with your finances!Unfortunately, the Sun's opposition to Jupiter and Neptune will urge to excesses, and excesses (alcohol, food, speed, sex etc.) can get you in trouble.
Maximum prudence in the last decade!

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Leo August Horoscope
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