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Venus in Virgo marks out your charm and intensifies your sentimentalism. Mars lends you passion and desire for action. Your wishes demand to be fulfilled right away, but... If you hurry, you'll risk making mistakes! The opposition between Mars and Uranus can lay the foundation of a strong love or an ugly break-up. If you have a relationship that doesn't work, maybe it's time you set yourself free and looked for something different.

If you have a relationship you care about, be tactful because any spark can cause a fire!There are few chances that you have a peaceful sentimental life in August 2016. Mars will stir up some old issues already blurred for some time, while the ruler of the house of couples, Jupiter, is conjunct Neptune: confusion, misunderstandings and disenchantment.

On the other hand, you'll probably have high demands of the person next to you. Maybe it's time you showed him/her more tolerance... After the first week in which you'll find it difficult to achieve satisfying results, things will gradually start to turn around. Nothing comes easy but the chances to succeed are growing. Social interactions and meeting new people are favorable to your career.

There could appear inconveniences related to career, authority, prestige, social status, collaborations. You won't have money problems, and your job skill is the ace that can turn things to your favor. But you have to make some necessary changes. You'll concentrate better, think more clearly and become skillful. Challenges and confrontations will still be in the picture. But if you play your cards calmly, rationally and strategically, the last decanate can bring you the accomplishments you've been dreaming of. Beware!

Mars in Virgo will provide you much energy, but it can also expose you to ailments with a rapid evolution (infectious, feverish, inflammatory) or to small accidents because of the rush and carelessness (cuts, burns, etc.). You'll experience a short period of lower tonus between 19th and 22nd August 2016, but after 22nd you'll be at your best again.

The mood will be optimistic after 6th August, due to the presence of the cheerful Venus in Virgo.You'll be very tense, your mood will be gloomy, and your health poor. You could have heart, biliary, teeth or osteoarticulatory problems, and the already existing diseases could worsen. Besides, you'll be accident-prone. Therefore, beware! Excesses and imprudence are dearly paid.

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Libra August Horoscope
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