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You've had better days in your life... Considering the war of Uranus in Pisces, with Saturn in the house of couples and Mars in the house of family, it's hard to believe that August 2016 will be a very easy month.

This is if you have an official or steady relationship because it seems flirt, adventure and love beginnings will be favored. Pay attention though because a bird in hand is worth two in the bush...In the first part of August 2016 you're subjected to the unpredictable Mars-Uranus opposition. This will unleash wild energies that can cause unexpected happenings, full of passion or restlessness.

This time, Eros doesn't use the arch anymore, but instead it launches Molotov cocktails. Its bombs can set the fire of a burning love or can violently shake the foundation of the existing relationship.

In the second part of August, things will calm down a little, but you have to make some decisions...

The Sun in the house of work can bring you opportunities to prove your best or work tasks that will mark out your creativity, organizational spirit, leadership or coordinating abilities. You'll do very well in the promotion-representation section.

Financially, you can expect torment. The house and/or real estate properties will eat up your energy and money: mending, contractual or legal procedures, trips, fights, worries.With the Sun eclipse in the house of professional career, you can expect changes regarding the nature of your work or the working conditions, and in special cases, even a reorganization, transfer or replacement among the managers.

It's possible that some complications occur in the area of collaborations or arguments regarding a contract.

Your popularity or fame can be questioned. You have to fight and you can win, you can even acquire some more authority.The opposition between the Sun and the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction right on the health axis will sound the alarm. Under no circumstances should you neglect medical aspects.

Excesses will affect your health and weight, and the "hyper"-type diseases will get worse. And you'll still have the capacity to relax in your spare time...A lot of stress, a lot of hard work, and two eclipses that are not a good sign for your health... It's not compulsory that you have problems, but you can't afford to be careless either.

Get a doctor immediately at the slightest signal that something is wrong about your body! Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, eat light and fresh food, beware of infections and don't neglect already existing ailments!

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Pisces August Horoscope
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