Pisces August Horoscope

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A tumultuous and challenging month ahead, Pisces. Remember that challenge is also opportunity. For challenge brings energy to meet the challenge, and often the most novel solutions come out of it. Important that you rest and relax more this month.

The need to focus on priorities, to be energy efficient and to avoid distractions is crucial. No matter what is happening, keep your ‘eyes on the prize’ – never lose your focus on your goals. First off, let’s prepare you for what lies ahead. There are no planets in your native element of Water (except for the Moon, and that for only seven days in the month).

This means that you will have to deal more with people’s insensitivity and unconscious cruelty. People are not in touch with their feelings – and when they are, their feelings are not expressed properly. Important not to take this personally. Further, qualities such as empathy and compassion are not in fashion these days.

Jupiter, your Career Planet, moves from Cancer to Leo on the 1st – a major headline. It moves from your 5th House to your 6th House, signalling a shift in your career. Many of you will change jobs and careers now. Where before you could pursue career goals in creative and leisurely ways, now success comes through hard work. The good news is that success does come. Many planets are re-stimulating eclipse points this month.

This means that issues not dealt with previously will get dealt with now. Forty per cent of the planets are re-stimulating these points, and Mercury does it twice. Learning to handle upheaval or sudden surprises is a good skill right now. Finally, there is another heavenly T-square formation that creates tension between love, home and career. All three areas are important, but they don’t co-operate and you have to work to make them jive. Yes, you’ve got a lot on your plate now, but the Cosmos never gives more than you can handle. With the planets now in their maximum

Western position, this is not a month for self-will or self-assertion. Avoid power struggles like the plague. Adjust, adapt and navigate your way through and around the various obstructions that come up. Cultivate the grace of other people and your good will come in due course. There are many love opportunities, but be prepared for change and upheaval.

Love is there, but he or she looks temperamental. Finances should be good this month; a business partnership is likely. Job-seekers enjoy great success. Those who employ others, likewise.

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Pisces August Horoscope
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