Sagittarius August Horoscope

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The atmosphere of love agrees with you. Mercury, the ruler of the house of couples, will always be around the attractive Venus, so love is in the air. Right from the beginning of August you'll be on the point of enjoying an accomplishment. You'll get what you want in the second part of the month, probably following an intelligent decision or an invincible strategy. Finally, August will keep your adrenaline high, which will have excellent effects on the erotic experiences.

With Mars in the house of relationships, stressed out by Saturn and Uranus, your couple relationship won't be very harmonious in August 2016. There'll be fights, jealousy, rivalry. You might solve many things through communication, but you lack moderation, so a very friendly conversation could end up out of control or could turn against you at one point.

 There's a risk of aggression, therefore be careful who you'll be hanging out with and under what circumstances! With all those planets passing through the house of career  ambition and desire for success take over. In order to succeed, you're willing to make use of all means possible: intelligence, perseverance, initiative, connections. But it seems that you still have to work on your patience and discipline.You'll use much of your energy interacting with the others in a subjective and conflicting way.

Disputes and competition will always be on the agenda. Collaborations and relationships with bosses will be fragile and will need tactful approaches. Trips will give birth to complications. Too much curiosity, indiscretion and confusing speech will bring prejudices. Financially, there won't be reasons for you to complain, fortunately... with the exception of the last week of August 2016. It's an important month, in which you can accomplish many things, on the condition that you think maturely and plan your steps carefully. Financially, everything is ok and maybe more... With the Black Moon in Sagittarius, you'll tend to worry, to be frustrated and dissatisfied, especially if you were born in the first decanate of December.

You could also encounter some difficulties if you were born after December 16th  17th, and that is because of Pluto that will hang around your Sun until winter. It's important that you assess the risks correctly and you don't do anything that could cause you damage. Because when you bring it upon yourself...A lot of stress... If age and general tonus are on your side, you'll probably only get irritated and restless. If not, there can always occur health problems. Overdoing it will make the situation worse. The danger of accident will be lurking around so... beware!

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Sagittarius August Horoscope
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