Scorpio August Horoscope

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The Scorpio sign is among the few ones that won't have relational problems in August 2016. On the contrary, the partner seems to be a balance factor and support in the more tense situations in other areas of life. With Venus in Cancer, love can come from far away or will be fulfilled when traveling, so maybe a romantic voyage would be the best choice for a holiday...

Located in the house of career, the Sun will make the need for performance, appreciation and praise very motivating. Finances will be in the centre of attention, especially the money that depends on others and the extra earnings besides the wages. It's possible that you'll have losses or increased expenses, and the risk and the rush will be harshly charged for.If you're hoping for a summer adventure, don't get your hopes too high!

The relationships that start now can be very passionate but they won't last for long. If you have a stable relationship, it's time for communication, for exchanging opinions, for joint future plans. Your projects seem to focus especially on career and/or accommodation. A rather important decision might have to be taken in the middle of the month when Venus, the ruler of the relational sector, meets the sober Saturn.August 2016 will stir up your desire to stand out.

You'll work very hard and you seem to be getting involved in a large-scale action or one many people take part in. Your point of view might not match the others', but you'll manage to make your point strongly following some rather heated confrontations. You'll appear to be a tough, but efficient person.

Family can support you financially, but don't let them influence your professional choices! The financial pressure and the problems related to kids or friends will affect your good mood. Mars in the eighth house will strengthen your anxieties and the tendency to exaggerate about dangers. Your health condition could undergo an acute, unexpected crisis.

There will be some stress, but your physical shape is good, especially in the first two decanates. On August 19th, Mars, your ruler, will enter Libra  a delicate position, that will affect its vigor. But you'll benefit from the support of the other planets, so you don't have to worry too much about it. But don't count entirely on them!

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Scorpio August Horoscope
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