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One of the key planetary protectors of Taurus, the noble heavenly priestess Venus, will occupy an extremely successful position among other objects in the solar system in August 2018. In addition, the current heavenly leader Pluto will help Taurus as a representative of element Earth. Together, this tandem can guarantee you significant success both in the field of personal relationships and in your working sphere. That is why you should be extra cautious, and do not allow yourself to be diverted without a clear purpose. Clearly define your goal then consistently tackle one task after another in order to achieve the desired results. Perhaps someone will confront you, someone quite real and tangible, not just some abstract notion of "unfavorable circumstances". You need not worry about anything in this sense. First, your heavenly allies will be very strong, and many negative possibilities will simply bypass you, so you will not even notice their presence. Second, if you are confident in yourself and try to listen to your heart, over-ruling the voice of the mind where such negligence is fully justified, you are unlikely to encounter any obstacles that you cannot easily surmount. In other words, you have all the cards in your hands; you just have to play them correctly.

August 2018 will likely be successful for you in relation to work. This will be a remarkable period, which in many respects will define the trajectory of your later professional development. So, do not be distracted by emotional aspects, although as has been already noted above, feelings and emotions will occupy some leading roles during this period. More precisely, you should look to take leading roles, if you truly desire to implement your plans. If we are talking about Tauruses without their own business, it makes sense to look at the situation from a different angle. Perhaps you have been acting logically and consistently for too long. Perhaps, spontaneity and chaos can really play in your favor, under certain circumstances. To simplify, if you have been thinking about changing jobs for a while (and, perhaps, opening your own business), then you will not find a better time to do so! Act, and do not listen to that one naysayer who predicts your failure. However, sometimes it is worth listening to advice, because even the most envious people can inadvertently give a good advice and guide you in the right direction. In general, for Taurus representatives who have their own businesses, the same advice is true, with only one difference. You should strive to consider all the consequences in advance, thus gaining some advantage over your competitors.

August 2018 will be equally important for you in terms of a love life. Many Tauruses can finally find their soul-mates, and this applies not only to single Taurus representatives. Alas, sometimes we can make the wrong choice... However, this does not mean that you should feel sorry for yourself for the rest of your life, missing the opportunity to experience those deep, sincere feelings that everyone wants to feel at least once in their lives. If you are sure that you really want this, do not be afraid to initiate some change. On the other hand, do not let the negative-minded Uranus deceive you. Tauruses involved in serious relationships can really get confused, mistaking desires for reality. It is necessary to stop and look at the situation very reasonably in order to avoid big mistakes. In these cases you should involve emotions in evaluating this situation as well as your mind. Mistakes can be committed only being influenced by overly-strong emotions, but not by the true calling of your heart. It is a whole other question when someone might end up not liking those decisions. But, this type of scenario is most relevant for single Taurus representatives. They definitely need to spend less time in the company of people who repeatedly get on their nerves. People change over time, and it is not under your control to make these changes. It is not your responsibility to be helping everyone, and the title of "Mother Theresa" is something to be granted spontaneously rather than sought-after. But, in August 2018 you can make yourself and someone who is spiritually close to you really happy.

You will be very level-headed and in tune with your present circumstances. Anything that seems pointless will be swept away and you will be keen to build your future on tangible values. You will thumb your nose at anything that isn't relevant any more, while integrating the lessons you have learned.

Even though your path will move slowly but surely on ground that is as solid as dry land, you will face the doubts that Pluto is inflicting on you. Don't torture yourself too much, as your doubts will come from the defensive behaviour of certain individuals. It won't last very long and you will be surprised to receive apologies or little presents as a sign of affection. So you will forget all about it, which doesn't mean you will forget everything. On the 15th, love could knock at your door and move in for the duration with weapons and baggage. You will then launch into adventure.

Love overview:
Love at first sight or a marriage proposal: anything will be possible. Or you will quite simply move in together as a more formal arrangement. Your relationship will go through highs and lows and then suddenly take a more stable turn. You will be happy to make genuine plans together.

In a relationship:
For a long time, you will have wanted things to move forward between you. This is what will be happening: the stars will be behind you. An unavoidable but salutary review will enable you to plan your future.

This will be a project of your own that you want to put into place. Maybe moving house, buying property or quite simply, reorganising your life. Whatever the situation, your personal life will expand.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
If you have a bad feeling that things are stagnating and you are finding it hard to start up something close to your heart? Don't dig in your heels to no avail and don't get carried away with anger.

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Taurus August Horoscope
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