Taurus August 2019 Horoscope

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You have many projects to finish around the home the first three weeks of the month. Conclude them with an artistic touch. You'll find ways to stabilize your finances after the 19th. Solutions include consolidating major debts into one periodic payment—ingenious!

In your attempt to look within for answers the last week in August, don't be over zealous and boastful. Self-control is essential to self-improvement.

The Moon on the 24th promises pleasurable pursuits. Try a hobby that relies on designing or building talents or undertake a long, complicated task that brings immense satisfaction when completed. Teach young ones to take pride in their work. Your analyzing powers are sharper than ever.

Duty to home and parents take precedence until the 23rd when Venus and Mars perk things up. Even then romance is based on practical needs.

A nice Virgo or home-spun Scorpio makes for the most lovable companion. Around the 25th, passion builds to volcanic intensity and a lovable companion becomes a sex pot! Near the 9th, your career is in turmoil.

Take positive, thought-provoking action. Your progress will be hampered if you resist change. Only a crisis can get you out of a career rut. By the 18 th youH enact changes you can live with. The Moon on the 9th puts you in a precarious position. Adverse publicity is the result when you take a stand on controversial issues.

The important thing is to show a mature handling of the situation. If you publicly lose your temper, you jeapardize everything you've worked toward.

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