Taurus August Horoscope

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For now, you're looking at things sensibly. In a mood for fun, ready to flirt a bit, to have a new experience, without too much emotional involvement.It's not bad that you can keep your mind clear, and you should take advantage of it to assess, and maybe improve your couple relationship, because it won't last for too long.

Next month already promises to be much more subjective, even passionate, hot, and irrational.The relational climate will be unstable and troubled. Mars, the ruler of the couple, will simultaneously form favorable aspects with Jupiter and obstructionist ones with Saturn. In other words, good and bad things will come in turns.

Unofficial relationships seem to be more vulnerable than the official ones. It's not the right time for flirts and adventure.It seems that time has come for you to make a decision regarding the children, maternity or maybe the sexual life.

August 2016 will be a month of many obligations and responsibilities. If you have the bad luck of being at work instead of on holiday, than expect hard work. With Venus, Mars and Saturn in your house of work, you won't have much time to relax.On the other hand, the good news is that Venus, Mars and Saturn will give you enough strength and perseverance to carry out complex and difficult tasks.

Financially, there shouldn't be any problems in August 2016, on the contrary: you might benefit fully from one particular opportunity.In spite of all the obstacles, you can take good steps forward in your career. You'll have initiative and strength, and the financial motivation will boost your interest in action.

Family interests will oppose the professional ones and you'll have to make a diplomatic effort to reconcile both aspects.You'll earn good money, but with much stress, and money will go away quickly. High expenses occur or discussions on financial issues.

August 2016 is not a promising period. Over solicitation, excesses, imprudence or an inappropriate lifestyle can take their toll on your health, and stress can become your unwanted everyday companion.

The gathering of planets in the cramped medical sector can nevertheless show a special interest in this area even in the absence of a particular disease, as well as a higher interest in diets, care and beauty treatments etc.Although you'll go through a stressful period, you'll still be in a good mood and your health will be ok. There's a tendency towards excesses, but the worst it can do to you is put on some more weight. You could do with a little exercise, especially since Venus in the house of trips promises extremely pleasant walks and hikes.

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Taurus August Horoscope
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