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One of the high-tension elements in August 2016 is Pluto, located in your house of love and sexuality. It'll attract all energy releases, and if there's no good connection to the land, there can be a fire that will burn everything down. Passion, maximum subjectivism, devastating love, situations on which control has been lost, attraction to dangers. Is that a bit too much for a shy and prudent Virgo?

There are few chances that you have a peaceful sentimental life in August 2016. Mars will stir up some old issues already blurred for some time, while the ruler of the house of couples, Jupiter, is conjunct Neptune: confusion, misunderstandings and disenchantment. On the other hand, you'll probably have high demands of the person next to you. Maybe it's time you showed him/her more tolerance... You won't have money problems, and your job skill is the ace that can turn things to your favor. But you have to make some necessary changes.

The money axis will be extremely important all the month in August 2016, signaling both over-average income and expenses.  One mustn't forget though that Mercury can also generate irritation, agitation, nervous breakdown and lack of concentration and perseverance. Health might be precarious until August 23rd 2016, as long as the Sun is in Leo, and especially between 13th and 23rd, under the influx of the Sun-Neptune opposition on the health axis: low immunity, danger of infections, intoxications, contaminations.

You'll be very tense, your mood will be gloomy, and your health poor. You could have heart, biliary, teeth or osteoarticulatory problems, and the already existing diseases could worsen. Besides, you'll be accident-prone. Therefore, beware! Excesses and imprudence are dearly paid.

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Virgo August Horoscope
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