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As the sun moves through the most private sector of your chart (your solar twelfth house) throughout most of the month, many Cancers will be enjoying the time to rest, recharge, and lie low. Many of the planets this month are in backward motion as well, further convincing you that the time to chase all of your plans and ambitions may not be right now.

Venus retrograde until June 24 could be tempting some Cancers to reconnect with old flames or friends. If you do so in a private setting, you could see luck in rekindling the connection. Just don’t be tempted into a clandestine affair!

Also, beware when Mercury goes retrograde later in the month in your zodiac sign (your solar first house). You had a similar transit like this in the summer of 2019, and you could feel as if your mind and emotions are very clouded. This begins on the seventeenth officially, but with Mercury in pre-shadow all month, you’ll likely notice that something feels off.

However, despite the planets telling you to slow down, the universe has some destined surprises coming your way. Eclipse season is always a time when powerful beginnings and endings take place, the ones you look back on and realize changed your forward path forever.

The first is a lunar eclipse that takes place on June 5 in Sagittarius (your solar sixth house). Some Cancers could notice an exciting work opportunity pop up or decide to shift directions in their career. Others could be debuting an important work project at this time. However, as this sector also has ties to health, you should be very careful to watch your physical strength at this time. Be cautious. If anything health related pops up, this means you must act rapidly to fix it and bring your body back into balance. You will be stronger because you did so.

The more important eclipse this month, a sparkling solar eclipse in your sign (your solar first house) falls on the twentieth. This is the last eclipse you’ll have in this sector for many years to come, so use it to move toward your heart’s desire. The universe will be bringing powerful new beginnings into your life, so wait and listen. The cosmos will be speaking to you.

Standout days: 7, 9, 25
Challenging days: 3, 11, 22

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