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You’ve been working hard over the past year, giving your all to a situation at work or in your life, and healing on a profound level. On December 2, as Jupiter enters Capricorn and your relationship sector for the first time in twelve years, December brings a glimpse into the coming twelve months.

Jupiter’s influence is expansive in Capricorn. This is a time when your relationships are expanding and taking center stage. This includes all your one-on-one relationships—emotional, business, as well as those with open enemies or “frenemies.” This is a time when you could meet or deepen a connection with a significant other, as well as with other benevolent and fortuitous connections that can greatly expand your world.

But first, on the eleventh, the Gemini full moon brings you to a culmination of a journey you’ve been on for the past year. You’ve been working hard. Move inward now to rest, recharge, and search your soul. Also acknowledge your secret desires and the way you might secretly feel divided about the future of a situation. You may not know where something is headed—or have all the answers—but take things a day at a time over the next couple weeks. Make time to meditate, search your soul, and be very honest, at least with yourself.

On December 21, the sun enters Capricorn, shining a light on your relationships. Over the past year, there has been a breakdown in certain relationships and connections that you expected to last a lifetime. If you’ve tried to ignore the cracks, you can’t do that any more, and this is a chance for an honest look and reflection. Avoid holding on to anyone or anything. Trust that anything that falls apart is clearing the path for connections that will stand the test of time.

On the twenty-fifth, the Capricorn new moon and annular solar eclipse bring you to the next stage of development in relationships from what was unfolding six months ago. This is also officially kicking off Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn and marking a huge new beginning for your relationships. This is a clean slate and a chance to leave the past behind. In other cases, this could be the beginning of the end of connections that have reached their breaking point. What you feed will grow. Remember your lessons from the past year, and you can make healthier choices moving forward.

You have the opportunity to deepen connections that are equal, mutual, respectful, loving, lucrative, and that deepen over time like fine wine.

Standout days: 2, 15, 27
Challenging days: 8, 11, 25

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