December 2019 Horoscope

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Beautiful, constructive energies finish this year! Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, all in harmony with each other, all in the earth element, organize and prepare for us, children of the Zodiac, what seeds to plant for the future! Let us be the gardeners of our lives! The Sun in Sagittarius, until the 22nd, backed by Mercury, from the 9th promotes enthusiasm, the desire to seize joyous opportunities. Especially since Mars, the whole month in Scorpio, infuses us with courageous energy, combative, reactive at will, but also knowing how to wait for its moment to express itself. Venus, in Capricorn, until the 20th, covers feelings of respectability and favors stable loves. On the other hand, as of the 21st, Venus in Aquarius speaks of freedom, of love at first sight, of friendly romances! When the Sun passes into Capricorn, on the 22nd, the general energy will become more secret, more posed. We shall enter the winter. Let us light our inner lanterns at that moment.

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