Aquarius December Horoscope

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Forecast December 2016

By and large, your couple life will unfold pleasantly in December 2016, with common projects, fun, meeting friends, going out, etc. There'll be a special sort of conspiracy and friendship between you and your partner, and you'll both be joyful and optimistic. The situation would be a bit different in the case of a recent love or an unofficial relationship. In this case, you'll reach a vulnerable phase, with fears, reserve, and disappointments.

The relationship will stagnate, and one of the two might get out of it. The most appropriate environment to meet your soul mate or for the favorable development of your relationship in case you have already met him/her, will be around friends, around the groups you have shared plans or interests with, or at various collective reunions: symposiums, galas, sprees, etc. The involvement of both partners in the same project can be very interesting and stimulating.

December 2016 will be an ambiguous period for your career, in which you either face a hidden danger (or the iceberg type: a small visible part and the rest under water) or choose to go your secret ways in order to achieve your objectives. Anyway, you'd better consolidate your alliances (Venus in your house of career will help you do it) and guard your back, because there might be people sabotaging you.

Financially, the prognosis is positive, but friendship and involvement in a social or group event will cost you a bit too much.December 2016 will be an excellent period concerning popularity, friendship and group initiatives. You'll use much of your energy to get the others together, to organize them and solve their issues. Fortunately, you'll have a surplus, so you'll have enough for your problems, too. Expect accomplishments, but on the condition that you set reasonable goals and avoid rivalry and conflicts! At first sight, there won't be problems in December 2016.

The only thing is that you'll have Mars and Pluto in your house of hidden dangers, so beware of crises, accidents or incidents. Moreover, since your house of health is ruled by the Moon, and in December 2016 we'll have a Moon eclipse, the recommendation is: caution!In December 2016 you'll be in a good shape, but you'll still have to deal with the extra energy issue that needs to be used for vigorous, risk-free activities. You'll also tend to exaggerate which can imply some troubles - not big problems, but troublesome.

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Aquarius December Horoscope
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