Aries December Horoscope

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Aries Monthly Horoscope Forecast December 2016

In the sentimental life of Aries people, two scenarios are possible in December 2016. The pessimistic version places relationships in the shadow and brings certain dissatisfactions, which you won't show, contrary to your habit, but will dwell on, thus increasing your sadness. The emotional discomfort could be dissipated through communication, but are you willing to communicate? The second scenario leads the sentimental life towards mystic areas, mysteries and taboos. In this case, December 2016 will be a good period for explorations, experiments and discoveries.

It's the time of Freud's books, of love spells or of experiencing ritual love..Mars in Leo will demand adrenaline. It wants adventure, love, sex and fun. Venus, the ruler of your relationships, looks far away: an idyll on a trip or somebody from abroad? How nice everything would be on the condition that Saturn in Libra didn't throw obstacles in your way when you felt most enthusiastic! Be careful in the last week of December 2016, when the goddess of love..Venus - makes a conjunction with Pluto in a sign that is not your friend  and a square with the malicious Saturn!

The benevolent Venus and Jupiter will be favorable to you: Venus as regards studies, scientific or cultural activities, trips and long-distance collaborations, and Jupiter for group actions, support, protection and popularity. Speculate this period as much as you can, because January and February will be scarcer in accomplishments!

As for money, everything will be ok.Starting the second week of December 2016, the Mars-Pluto conjunction will stimulate your ambitions, help you (even provoke you!) to focus on aims, to take strong action in order to reach them. You're advised to use the energy generated by the Mars-Pluto conjunction on difficult tasks that require strength and tenacity. Caution: there's a risk of tough confrontations with bosses or authorities or of damaging your position, reputation or image! Financially, perspectives look very good, especially for business, investments and earnings coming from collaborations or side sources. Excellent!

December 2016 will be a dynamic and forceful month, enriched with a lot of optimism and humor. But after the holidays, seriously consider a way to use your physical energy, unless you want to experience troubles while Mars is retrograde. Go to the gym, for example!Beside the pressures you're put through by the conjunction between Mars (the ruler of your sign) and Pluto, other problems are likely to appear, as Mercury, the ruler of your house of health, will start the retrogradation movement on December 10th 2016. Your resistance will lose strength, old and new weaknesses will (re)appear, and you'll have to cope with a lot of stress! Have enough rest, enjoy weekends and don't avoid doctors!

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Aries December Horoscope
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