Aries December Horoscope

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Venus is still in Scorpio – but she is forward now. Mars, the Lord of your chart, moves into Scorpio to join her. A very good love signal. Finally there is unity and harmony in love. You and the beloved see eye to eye on things. Both of you are willing to change. For many of you, this indicates a new relationship. For others it shows a ‘renewal’ of the existing one. Libido and hormones are roaring in both you and the beloved. Seldom has love been this passionate. With passions at such a high intensity there is a danger of jealousy or over-possessiveness.

The merest glance at another can ignite sparks. A fleeting thought or fantasy can be construed as infidelity. Happily, the aspects are pretty good and both love and finance should be happy. Mars and Venus in your 8th House still shows this to be a period where you put other people’s financial interests ahead of your own and where you prosper in proportion to how you help others prosper.

There is good success here. Like last month, continue to pay off debt (or refinance at better rates), cut waste and costs. Continue to rid yourself of possessions or character traits that weigh you down like excess baggage. A great month for purifying the body, weight-loss programmes and in-depth psychology.

Career becomes ever more important as the month progresses. A positive breakthrough happens after the 26th – but there will probably be a short-term upheaval first. Unresolved issues need to be aired and cleared. Until the 8th there are no planets in the element of Earth. Beware of the tendency to impracticality and to overspending. Don’t spend anticipated earnings before you get them. Might be a good idea to delay Christmas shopping until after the 8th when there is more Earth power – you are less likely to overspend and will probably get more for your money. Speculations are not advisable this period. Health is fabulous all month, but it won’t hurt to rest and relax more after the 22nd. A Lunar Eclipse point gets restimulated on the 24th–25th, so try to accept the reduced schedule then.

Your 9th House is very strong until the 22nd. Thus your interests in higher education, religion and metaphysics are activated. Foreign lands beckon as well, and many of you will be travelling. The month as a whole is upbeat and positive, and with 90 per cent of the planets forward after the 4th, progress towards your goals is swift – even breathtaking.

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Aries December Horoscope
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