Cancer December Horoscope

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope Forecast December 2016

Relationships have been a serious topic for a while. You'll have questions, reflect, compare - either that or your couple problems will be difficult to solve. The environment will be rather tense and there'll be few chances for it to loosen up in December 2016. The Saturn-Pluto square won't give in; moreover, it'll get extra support from the fast planets. If only something new came along! It might happen, but don't get too excited, because it might not be exactly what you were hoping for.You'll go through a period of intense and subjective emotions. You'll have strong reactions of attraction and rejection, instinctive and irrational.

These will rebound on the couple, business, friendship or, generally, social relationships. You'll be radical in a way that can be harmful and you'll overreact, risking of damaging relationships. But you could also take the pressures of some exterior circumstances, find yourself in the middle of some situations you have no control on, become the victim of some aggression, etc. Caution!

In the foreground: money! You'll be very annoyed over the expenses that seem not to have an end any more, or over the fact that you'll spend more than usual when shopping. Fortunately, in December 2016 you'll also earn, not only spend. The lucrative activities will be satisfactory, your work well paid and, besides that, you'll also get some sponsorship.

The work environment will be enjoyable, you like what you have to do and it highlights your talent. A new challenge or a new responsibility can appear.Turbulences will also touch the work sector: disorder, pressure, troubles with your workmates, lack of continuous work, anger related to office things, tools, machinery. Out of this big fuss good things might also arise. Challenges usually lead to progress. For example, you can show your good organizational skills now and highlight your talents. 

The chances to succeed will be as big as your profession is close to education, arts, aesthetics, luxury, and entertainment. The equilibrium will be fragile in December 2016, so you'll have to take care and spare yourself. However, it'll be a good period for investments and treatments, when everything will be all right and you'll benefit from good, skilled doctors. Cosmetic treatments will be favored in the first two decades of December 2016.

December 2016 could be troublesome to your health. The planets going through your house of health (Mars, the Sun, and Mercury) will take turns in forming a disharmonious aspect with the ruler of the house itself. Beware of accidents and injuries; take care of your respiratory system, heart, eyes and spine! In spite of the problems you'll be confronting with regarding your relationships or career, you'll have a good capacity to relax.

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Cancer December Horoscope
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