Capricorn December 2019 Horoscope

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Your creative sensibilities are heightened, and you may feel more confident about expressing them. It's important to do something that you feel makes a positive difference in the quality of life.

It's easier to relax and allow your energy to flow without experiencing resistance or tension. Find ways to become more graceful and fluid in your physical movements.

The love you've longed to share begins with a profound sense of connecting to your inner self, and originates within your own heart. It's time to allow compassion for yourself and to express it through sharing your love with others. Letting go of old resentment frees you to move into a new dimension, and can be the result of making a place for love in your life.

Release the past, and move into the beginning of a bright future during the Moon on the 29th.

Your assertiveness works to your advantage from the 1st—19th, when you have your finger on the pulse of what's happening around you. Even though Mercury is retrograding from the 7th—27th, you can still find room to make progress.

Review your finances during the Moon on the 13th to determine your status and look for ways to eliminate liabilities. Old ways of operating can actually slow you down. Try something different after the 28th.

You can work a little magic by restoring something that has lain in disrepair from the 6th—14th. Let your imagination work on it.

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