Capricorn December Horoscope

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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Forecast December 2016

December 2016 will be a complicated month, in which you might have other priorities and love might come second. If, however, you happen to be in the middle of a love story or at a crossroad in your couple life, then you can expect important developments, maybe even dramatic. With the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, tendencies will be passionate and doubled by a direct, extremist attitude.

The motto of the month will be: "no compromises!", and if you're not careful, your relationship might have problems and even end.With Venus (the planet of love) and Mars (the symbol of desire) "locked" in the so-called mystic houses (the twelfth, respectively the eighth house), your emotions will break through with difficulty and from the outside you won't leave the impression of a very passionate person.

There are three possible scenarios: the actual absence of a love dynamics in this period, the introversion as a consequence of a disappointment, or, finally, the existence of a happy, fulfilled relationship that develops secretly. It's been a while since you haven't had such determination, such will to carry your plans through.

You'll do anything to get what you want. But there'll be a lot of tension and any wrong step can cost you a great deal. Mercury, retrograde or almost retrograde in your sign, can take you to wrong decisions or conclusions between 1st and 18th December, and the tough behavior given by the Mars-Pluto conjunction could be sanctioned by your collaborators. In order to stay in the safe financial area, you need lucidity, realism and prudence.Everything related to objectives, position and career will deeply motivate you, but will constantly keep you in a state of tension. The actions you'll take will be successful as long as they are in agreement with your emotions and feelings.

 The first twenty days of December 2016 could be rougher in the financial area, but they can bring benefits following some secret procedures or through a person that wants confidentiality. Tension, stress, and serious incapacity to relax. Even when you think you're having fun, the inner tension is very big, and the subconscious is dwelling on all kinds of worries, anxieties or frustrations.

This is the e astrolog dot com monthly horoscope. Regardless of how busy you are, you must make time for yourself. That is, if you don't want to let everything get you down.The first twenty days can be more vulnerable as regards health. Your immunity will be weaker, and diseases can install more easily. It wouldn't hurt if you took some fortifying supplements and have some more rest. For the last ten days of December 2016, the right word is "intensity". You'll have more strength, but the pressure will become higher, so you necessarily have to do something to relax.

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Capricorn December Horoscope
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