Gemini December Horoscope

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope Forecast December 2016

December 2016 could be a hectic month. On top of all the stress and agitation, unless you have a harmonious natal chart, you could deal with more than that. In the first decanate of December 2010, Mars, located in your house of couples, will make a square with Jupiter and Uranus and it can turn out to be quite a tense period. In the second decanate, the Sun will make a square with Jupiter and Uranus too, from the same house.

Then retrograde Mercury will do the same action - thus misunderstandings will keep coming. The interest in the couple will be high, but the circumstances will be difficult, and you'll need calm and diplomacy so that you don't damage your relationships.Maybe Saturn in your house of love and adventure won't allow you to manifest on new territories, but things will go very smoothly with the already built relationships.

December 2016 will be a wonderful period in which you and your partner will look in the same direction, you'll share aims and views on the way to achieve them, and you'll have a lot of fun together, in privacy or with friends and family. You'll be very charming, and you might cause some proposals from the outside, but something will stop you from going along with them. Only closer to New Year's Eve will the spirits calm down.

December 2016 can be a month of accomplishments, but they don't come easy, you have to fight for them, face rivalries and animosities, overcome obstacles, and struggle. Crisis situations can occur, discussions with collaborators, and some work relationships might become very tense. You'll finally win, though. December 2016 will be difficult financially too. We'll just have to wait and see if it's either the tension of a person trying to make a good investment or earn more, or of a person in a difficult situation.You'll benefit from advantageous partnerships in the professional area as well. In collaborations and associations, things will unfold in your favor and you'll get unexpected opportunities. The fuel for this chance will come from communication and sharing knowledge, two very active domains in your life at this moment.

December 2016 will also encourage studies, investigations, deciphering, and will lend you flair in solving mysteries and secrets.Stress, a lot of stress. Nervous tension, maybe a risk of depression. You won't be yourself, that's clear. Moreover, in December 2016 there's also a risk of infections, poisonings or contaminations. A diet with vitamins, massage, therapies with music, colors, scents or cosmetic procedures will release your tension and help you cope with this nasty period more easily. In December 2016 you'll be in an enviable shape that will combine vigor with resistance. But you're not supposed to overdo it, because you never know what can happen.

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Gemini December Horoscope
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