Leo December Horoscope

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Leo Monthly Horoscope Forecast December 2016

Mars in Leo will lend you the same passionate instincts as the previous month, and Jupiter in your house of couples will be as thirsty for affection as it was in 2016. In December 2016, all wishes and needs of the two will be amplified and, hopefully, fulfilled by the transit of the Sun (the ruler of your sign) and of Venus (the planet of love) through your house of love, sex and adventure. All gates will be open, and no matter which you'll go through, you can find happiness. So, dare!Nothing new in the current relationship - if you have one. It's more interesting in the section of sentimental affairs, adventures and love stories.

There's something exciting there, and if that's what you wish for, go on, it's your month! However, don't expect a sweet, tender love story! It'll be "spicy" and challenging and you'll sometimes be overwhelmed. One more thing: don't go on spending sprees just to impress! You're the value, and if the other one doesn't see that, they don't deserve you. Mars will keep you active, ready for action, fight, competition and initiative.

You'll be ambitious, strong and courageous. Your perceptions will be keen, so you'll feel the smell of opportunities, and the instinct will take you straight to the most advantageous situations. December 2016 will be a fruitful month, which won't lack obstacles and stress, but which will also give you the power to succeed.

The astrological configuration will support you both in practical, concrete actions, and in artistic and creative activities.For Leos, December 2016 means work under pressure, work conflicts, upsets coming from the tasks to be carried out, various inconveniences related to the schedule, environment, etc. Professionally, it'll be the nastiest month of 2016.

That is, under normal circumstances. But if you have set your mind on something extremely difficult, if you have got involved in a complicated and ambitious project that requires all of your attention and effort, then you're probably on the way to accomplishing something special and it's worth the effort. Financially, caution: be careful about money, don't risk, and don't waste! Emotions will be higher, and stimulus responses - fast and a bit exaggerate. The energy surplus that you'll have needs to be released in sport, sex or in fighting for a noble purpose (they will all have a tension release effect). Regardless of how favorable December 2016 seems to be, don't take risks though! More attention after the 20th!Warning!

The Mars-Saturn conjunction, a tough planetary configuration, will take place in your house of health, where Mercury will be retrograde as well. It's time you behaved prudently to avoid accidents and diseases. If you suffer from any ailment, monitor it carefully, and if any unusual symptom occurs, go to the doctor's immediately. Maybe it wouldn't hurt if you had a general check-up or the results of the prescribed treatments tested.

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Leo December Horoscope
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