Leo December 2019 Horoscope

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Satisfying the demands of others can be frustrating, but if you listen to their needs and realize the things that you can gain from working in harmony, you may actually enjoy yourself.

Balancing the right activity with the stress of your busy schedule can be tricky, but you need a good way to let off steam.

Schedule a massage on the 15th or 16th. Partnerships are definitely high profile, and your partner may have certain things in mind for you. Before you balk, determine what you want and strive for real autonomy for each of you.

Talk it over during the Moon on the 13th. Battles can escalate after the 20th, despite your best efforts to charm your way out of the fiery inferno. But love wins out in the end.

Celebrate something special with your sweetheart from the 26th—28th. Unspoken conflicts or undermining actions can be destructive at work from the 1st—16th. Be alert to jealousy or other problems, and be sure you're not missing anything important.

During Mercury's retrograde from the 7th—27th you have a chance to review important investments and to design plans for future projects or activities. Put on the final touches, and present your concepts for public response after the Moon on the 29th.

If you're ready to make constructive change, then this is the time to get problems out into the open.

Sticking your head in the sand is totally out of character, so don't try it.

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