Libra December Horoscope

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Libra Monthly Horoscope Forecast December 2016

Even if Saturn - which is said to be sober and restrictive - has entered Libra, your thirst for love, adventure and erotic impulse will still be at the top. So high at the top, that it's possible either to overbid, to (re)act excessively, or to have unrealistic or difficult to fulfill expectations. Your power to seduce lies in the capacity of the (spoken or written) word and in the intelligence with which you plan your approaching strategies.December 2016 doesn't promise much. It might be a month of strong feelings for some Libra people, but these feelings have a tense and dramatic side which makes them uncharacteristic of Libra's harmonious nature.

The first decanate of December 2016 will be scattered with provocations and dissensions, then, in the second decanate, the ruler of your house of couples (Mercury) will have a third degree meeting with Pluto, which can pose problems to the not very solid couples. The third decanate of December 2016 will bring about other contradictions or incapacity of placing yourself on the same wavelength with your partner.

Communication, intellect and trips will be a common thing in December 2016, and they will manifest in a pleasant and advantageous way - as long as they are in the relaxation area or in the area of work, creativity, artistic expression, entertainment industry, pedagogical activity and that of representation. If they regard other responsibilities or routine work, the informing, writing, discussions, negotiations or documents can become a source of stress.December 2016 will be a favorable month for your career and work duties.

You'll have amazing work capacity that can provide you immediate successes, but can also help you make progress in the future. For example, you might now lay the foundations of a future business, future cooperation, etc. You are reading the e astrolog dot com monthly horoscope. There will always be opportunities, and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces, located in your house of work, can bring some Libra people favorable opportunities to achieve success. It seems that you'll be very well financially too. With Venus in your house of money, your income will go up, there will be money from collaborations, you'll benefit from various material advantages.

 You'll have a good tonus in December 2016, based especially on a cheerful and optimist state of mind that will last until around Christmas. Between Christmas and New Year's Eve, take care of yourself because some tension is anticipated that could affect your health, too! In general, in December 2016 you should avoid experiments (weird diets, unconventional treatments etc.)!

Although Saturn in Libra usually weakens the body, you won't be affected as long as the Jupiter-Saturn is in your house of health. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will lend you energy and help you solve your health, hygiene and look problems. Beware though: it can also lead to an over-excited behavior. A balanced lifestyle is in order.

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Libra December Horoscope
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