Pisces December Horoscope

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Pisces Monthly Horoscope Forecast December 2016

As Venus will take up the middle of the sky to rule from December 2016, love has to be celebrated and honored. Feelings can only be full of lofty aspirations, and the object of adoration can only be a special person. If it keeps you waiting, love could be softened with offerings. You can take it as a joke if you want to, but - what if it's not such a bad idea to try some white magic rituals meant to ease your way to happiness?Your thoughts will go to somebody far away, you'll take a trip with your partner or a sentimental one. It'll get very interesting if you and your partner get involved in a common project, especially if it's connected to studies, culture or spirituality. In spite of all this, you won't enjoy much sentimental satisfaction.

There'll be enough hesitation, reserve, different points of view, visible especially in the second part of December 2016. Try to convert them into something exciting, not inciting! December 2016 will bring you opportunities oriented to career, status and fame. It'll be a high-potential month, but very busy at the same time. You'll have a lot of work to do and there will always appear new obligations you cannot ignore. It's important to be organized and to know how to say no. Otherwise, over solicitation can cost you very dearly. Money comes through work only, through those efforts that eat you up, so think twice before wasting it!

You'll still be at the top!
The energy of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces will bring you opportunities to develop, progress, change for the better, and the energy of the Sun located in your house of career will give a push forward. December 2016 will be a month of successes, and it is now that your projects can take important steps forward if the focus is where it should be. One of them could be related to resuming an older collaboration or an older collaboration proposal. Pay attention to the conditions! You're good for now, but tiredness and stress accumulate. Starting with December 20th 2016, Mars will begin the retrogradation movement right in your house of health. From that moment on, the condition of your body needs close monitoring until March 2016.

You'd better start protecting yourself already and taking better care of yourself.You'll be in a good shape. As a matter of fact, it couldn't be any different since the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction supplies you with tons of energy. The only inconvenience is that too much energy can lead to feverishness and overexcitement, which is very close to stress. If this is the case, you have to find ways of using the extra energy, and the best way to get rid of it is intense physical exercise. If not all the month in December 2016, at least in the second decanate, which will be really hectic.

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Pisces December Horoscope
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