Taurus December Horoscope

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope Forecast December 2016

You'll benefit from Venus' favors, the planet of love, located in your house of couples. Benevolent and helpful, Venus will lend you extra power to seduce and will help you achieve your aims related to relationships. It'll be a good period for the beginning of a new relationship, for reviving an old one or re-launching the current one. Shared activities will be more pleasant than before.

You'll be very skillful with relationships with the opposite sex, so take advantage of it!If you've had a stable couple life so far, December 2016 will probably be neuter. If you're prone to more restless relationships, expect alternating episodes of expansion and frustrations, of passion and inhibitions. Your temperament will tend to go crazy and after a round of excesses, along comes regression.

And with retrograde Mars - the ruler of your house of couples - after December 20th 2016, some things will probably go wrong. December 2016 will be favorable to team projects and collective actions. Collaborations will be profitable, contracts advantageous. You'll be appreciated and extremely popular. All this can considerably contribute to your success. Business will go well too (if you have any).

If you don't, you'll end up with some material advantages anyway, in the form of extra money, gifts or other bonuses coming directly to you or by means of your partner, associates, etc.Come to terms with the fact that December 2016, even though of no much help in love, at least promises to be a good month financially. Business will be stimulated, the relations with financial institutions will work in your favor, there are chances that you benefit from extra income, valuable gifts, that you make good deals when purchasing.

There'll still be stress related to a job or to status/prestige. As for the rest: a lot of work, hard work or carried on in difficult conditions, responsibilities or obligations. You'll feel weaker in the first week of December 2016, but subsequently you'll gain more energy. However, having energy isn't always the same as being healthy. As Saturn has accommodated in your house of health for long term, you aren't allowed to overlook any malfunctions of the body. Beware especially during Christmas holydays! In the last decanate of December 2016, under the Mars-Saturn square, things might get out of control.You'll tend to worry on trifles, to keep record of all the dissatisfactions that you've had lately (moreover, to remember the old ones, as well), to live under the impression that the dear ones don't understand you.

You'll harm yourself, considering that Saturn in the house of health can hardly wait for you to lower your defense so that it can attack you. Because when the morale is down, your immunity is down too.

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Taurus December Horoscope
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