Virgo December Horoscope

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Virgo Monthly Horoscope Forecast December 2016

With Venus and the Sun in your house of home, it's clear what direction the heart interests will take. That is if you're happily married. But even so, some novelty or some refreshing of the marital environment is needed. If you're single, you might enhance your efforts to meet your soul mate. The problem is Pluto, located in your house of love, that has exaggerate demands. Moving on to something else, it's possible that in December 2016 you'll be haunted by the memory of the past or even get your attention focused on an older relationship.An eventful month is foreseen.

There'll be external stimulus that will urge you to take action or that will probably be the catalyst you needed in order to do something you had to/wanted to do and didn't have the necessary strength or courage for. It's probably about a change to a different level or, maybe, to a different love story. Sexuality will be the motor of change and the essential motivation for your decisions.

Your well-known logic seems to be useless right now. In December 2016 you'll have a lot of work to do and besides that, you'll be so preoccupied with money that you'll be capable of overdoing it with work up to complete exhaustion, without any track of how days and nights will go by. That is either to earn more money, or to avoid some expenses. Speaking of business and investments, the real estate and patrimony goods will probably prevail in December 2016. Regardless of the area of activity though, collaborations and contracts can be troublesome, so be careful!

December 2016 will help you promote your image, aptitudes and talents. Unexpected collaboration opportunities can appear, but at the same time already existing collaborations can be severely shaken. Intellectual work will be favored, as well as anything related to communication, either written or oral. You'll stand a good chance when negotiating or attending interviews. From the financial point of view, as long as you manage your finances intelligently, you won't have reasons to complain.

Problems will only arise if you day-dream of bargains or fast ways of getting rich.Avoid hard effort and allow yourself enough time to rest, because your health is not at its best! With Mars in your house of hidden dangers, prudence is a must. Try to avoid excesses and stay away from contagious diseases, no matter what they are!You'll be OK. You'll probably have to deal with your share of stress (like everybody else in December 2016 as a matter of fact), but you can rely on a good physical resistance and morale.

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Virgo December Horoscope
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