Cancer February 2020 Horoscope

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Spiritual experiences uplift you and revitalize your faith. Channeling this energy into your creative expression adds a fascinating dimension to your life. Travel and educational pursuits offer their own special rewards this month.
Reflect on the perfection of nature and get in touch with your own truth. Inner fitness centered on a philosophy of care and compassion for yourself and others opens the way for healing.
Sometimes a new environment clears your vision. Travel may be the perfect key to romance, or you may need to get away on your own to gain a fresh perspective. The solar eclipse on February 16 prompts you to dig into the recesses of your soul and come clean about how you honestly feel and what you need. Communication with your partner after February 16 opens the way for you to join your visions for the future.
Unexpected good fortune knocks from February 1 to 7, but before you agree to jump into something new, make sure it’s what you want. Business presentations, conferences or workshops offer a chance to showcase your talents, and are especially promising after February 12. You’re in line for advancement or recognition after February 22, although there seems to be a little catch before you can cash in on your claims.
Exercising your talents gives you the advantage. Children may also play a significant role in your opportunities this month.

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