Gemini Monthly Horoscope

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Developments in a professional situation are asking for reflection and reconsideration of recent decisions. You may not be sure where it’s all headed, but rather than fret about what’s beyond your control, clarify, reevaluate, and realign with your most sacred ambitions. You have the support, skills, talents, power, and authority to make necessary changes and breathe life into a vision. This isn’t about fame, public image, or success in the eyes of the world but about a soul truth. Consciously uproot subconscious fears of failure - and perhaps even of success.

There’s a deeper awareness awakening you to a richer inner reality and greater reason for your existence. Who are you when you think no one is watching? The divine spirit is always watching because it is within you. Be true to your integrity and lead by example.

At its core, this is a spiritual journey asking you to release attachments to the material world, so you can reclaim your true power to make conscious choices that liberate you. Heal yourself, and you can heal your corner of the universe and beyond in ways seen and unseen.

Standout days: 17, 20, 28
Challenging days: 5, 15, 24

Monthly Horoscope


Gemini Monthly Horoscope
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