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June is a month you could end up remembering forever, Gemini, with so much planetary activity written in the stars. Some moments will feel electric, as if your life is changing overnight like the onset of a hurricane. But there will also be times when everything feels frozen.

The first thing to note is that Venus, planet of love and harmony, is spinning backward in your zodiac sign (your solar first house) until June 24. You could feel as if you’re in a vortex of romantic passion and you don’t know what is real or illusion. Another possible manifestation of this could be that you feel like you’ve stepped into the twilight zone and been transported into the past. Your life could suddenly be filled with much nostalgia—old friends, places from the past, or even old lovers. If you decide that you’d like to rekindle a connection with someone, you can. Otherwise, reflect on the past, appreciate it for what it was, and learn from it what you can.

This focus on the past is even stronger for you when your ruler Mercury begins its regular backward cycle (in your solar second house), starting on the seventeenth and continuing for the weeks to come. Your mind won’t be clear this entire month, so do your best to not make any final decisions until the dust has settled near the end of July.

One area of life that will see a great deal of firepower this month is your career sector (your solar tenth house), as Mars, planet of energy, is rocketing forward here until June 27. Utilize this time to add more laurels, honors, power, and fame to your crown.

Perhaps the most significant thing to note this month is that you are once again in eclipse season. This is a time when destiny takes hold of your life and redirects you on your path.

The fifth marks a mighty moment when it comes to your partnerships in business or love, a tremendous culmination. Single Geminis could be crossing paths with someone who is marriage material, whereas committed ones could consider taking the next step in their relationship. This will be a time of coming together—or separating if your partnership has outlived its karmic purpose. While this may hurt, it is actually the universe telling you that someone better may still lie ahead. With eclipses taking place in this sector (your solar seventh house) this year and next, you’re assured some memorable moments in union.

On June 20, a solar eclipse in Cancer (your solar second house) could bring forth an important moment in your finances. Get ready to welcome more prosperity. Don’t sit back. Go after wealth, because you can have more now.

Standout days: 7, 12, 22
Challenging days: 3, 4, 20

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