Taurus January 2020 Horoscope

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You’re on the go, and you may be burning the candle at both ends in order to accomplish everything. But it’s also important to let yourself feel more open now—to see the possibilities and forge a path toward them.
By staying physically active now you’ll increase your energy and vitality. But if you’re inconsistent you may leave yourself open to physical strain. Get a massage during the Moons on January 1 and 31.
You may be attracted to someone at work, but unless the coast is clear you’ll only run into trouble by mixing love and labor. Add a new dimension to your love life by traveling or sharing philosophical pursuits as you open new vistas from January 7 to 25. Exciting changes during the Moon on January 17 stir deep emotions. If you’re questioning your commitments during the lunar eclipse on January 31, try to clarify your needs before you take action.
The year begins with important communications setting the tone from the Moon on January 1 through January 27. Business meetings, conferences or presentations provide an excellent forum for showcasing your ideas and plans, and if you really want to make the best impression you’ll target innovative options that rely on established policies or procedures as the basis while reaching into new directions.
Although you may initially feel out of balance due to surprising change from January 4 to 15, if you keep an open mind you may actually be pleased with what you create as a result!

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