Aquarius July Horoscope

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Most of the planets are in the West – and in their maximum Western position. Uranus, your Ruler, is retrograde. Definitely downplay personal will and power struggles and cultivate your social graces. Your way is probably not the best way, so seek consensus in all that you do.

This month, life is not about ‘being right’ but about being loving and loved. Put other people first and allow your good to come to you as it will. Cheerfully adapt to situations and make note of improvements you could make in the future. There are many planets in the Water (feeling) element this month. Temper your logic with an understanding of people’s sensitivities – they are hypersensitive this month. Little things – voice tones, the wrong word or gesture – are likely to trigger massive reactions. An important planetary shift from the lower half to the upper half of your Horoscope occurs on the 23rd – by next month the shift will be even stronger.

Career starts to become more important than it has been and you have more freedom to focus on it. This in itself is a big help careerwise – attention is energy, and energy brings success. But Pluto, which has been stressfully aspected of late, now starts to receive harmonious aspects.

You should all experience big improvements in your career and professional status. Pluto (your Career Planet) is still retrograde, so much of the improvement is happening behind the scenes – but you can still feel a shift in the vibrations now.

Love is active, exciting and highly unstable – what else is new? This has been the story of your life for some years now. There are many romantic opportunities, much socializing, many options – but compromising and keeping affections steady seem the problem. Mars in your 7th House from the 13th onwards indicates a power struggle in a relationship, which tests it. Not a good idea to indulge in this, but it may be difficult to avoid. If you can’t avoid power struggles, you can minimize them. Love can come suddenly and leave suddenly.

Financial disagreements are also a stress to love. Balance, balance, balance. Though health is basically good, rest and relax more after the 23rd. Health regimes and diets go well, as you have a strong interest in them. This period you seem to want total fitness in many areas of life – merely being free of disease is not enough for you. Job-seekers (and those looking to hire others) have amazingly good aspects all month.

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Aquarius July Horoscope
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