Aquarius July Horoscope

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July 2016 Horoscope Aquarius: Love & Relationships
In your relational life there are two significant directions: one of them highlights shared intellectual preoccupations and communication, and the other highlights an increase of the interest in sexuality, not for the pleasure in itself, but for the influence it can have on the harmony in the couple.

The conclusion can be that July 2016 might be an excellent month to discuss with the partner various aspects of eroticism, maybe even have an update of the knowledge in the field.With Jupiter in Aquarius, in 2016 the appetite reaches high levels. And not only the appetite for food, but also the sexual one! As if this weren't enough, on top of everything Venus  and Mars  will enter the house of instincts!

Therefore, the period seems to be specially designed for love, adventure and eroticism. Free love, parties and pleasures will be particularly favored. Respect and obligations-based relationships will become dull and tiresome.

July 2016 Horoscope Aquarius: Career & Finance
You'll go through the last phase of a hard financial period. The last details will be settled, the deal will be done, the last policies will be paid, and the next financial strategy will be decided on. Thus, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will stimulate your initiative, will increase the need for information and communication, and will focus your attention on trips and means of travel, exchanges, negotiations and intellectual projects.

With the Sun in your house of work, there can appear opportunities to show your creativity and organizational skills, and the eclipse promises a special, extraordinary event.An inspired performance at work will bring you unexpected earnings. However, the field of your activity will take the impact of both the Sun eclipse that will take place in that area, As for the rest, you'll gather all your strength to solve some problems about your accommodation or real estate in the first part of July 2016, and this means strive, expenditure and stress.

July 2016 Horoscope Aquarius: Health & Morale

The physical shape, personal hygiene, eating habits, diets and lifestyle will be a recurrent topic.You'll have constant contact with hospitals and doctors, so it'll be the right time for a health check-up. You might discover something because the eclipse will take place in your house of health and it promises new things.

Take care, trips will be risky in the last decanate of July 2016! There is a medical interest in July 2016, possible contacts with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. You can find solutions for your health, but your body will be able to handle the effects of the eclipse, translated by the sudden appearance of a surprise concerning diseases or treatments.

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Aquarius July Horoscope
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