Aries July Horoscope

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Aries’ Love & Relationships Horoscope in July 2016

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is passionate and longing for adventure and this will be the more visible in 2016 as it takes place in Aries, the sign of hot love and thirsty eroticism. You'll naturally and happily borrow its enthusiasm.

Beside that, all July's planetary tensions in 2016 will be very challenging and can induce a state of exciting pressure that helps with the occurrence of love events.

Beware though as, like in all others, in the relational area there are also some high risks.The climate will be a little tense in the first part of the month, with risks for disputes especially until July 5th 2016. Beyond that date, almost anything can be solved through communication, on the condition that you carefully listen to what the interlocutor has to say and that you don't jump to passing on judgments.

Joint trips, long conversations on shared interests, as well as joint intellectual mobilization aimed at finding solutions to some problems you'll be facing are elements that will strengthen the couple.

Aries’ Money & Career Horoscope In July 2016
The first part of July 2016 will distinguish by an obvious financial interest. You'll have a lot of initiative regarding earnings and investments. It'll be necessary though to keep your moderation and reason, otherwise you can end up losing.

The second part of July 2016 will be rich in contracts, discussions and negotiations. It's not impossible for you to have some surprises related to properties and real estate.The frenzy of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction could be felt professionally, as well, which will get you all excited: all your body will cry out for action, novelty and change.

In addition to the wonderful things you can do in July 2016, there will also be initiatives that will demand immediate and strong materialization, no matter the consequences.The highest risks will be at a physical and relational level, but they can also manifest at the career and finances level.

Aries’ Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In July 2016
You won't be in your best shape and you'll get tired sooner than usual. If it's about an activity that you take great interest in, you'll pull yourself together, but it'll be a short-term effort.

Be careful about hygiene and rest! There's a certain risk of getting ill! In July 2016 you'll keep functioning on account of a massive energy excess. Jupiter and Uranus will connect you to a high tension network, but if you don't consider the safety regulations, you might get mercilessly electrocuted.

Cut down on stimulants, try to relax, do sports and, especially, stay away of situations which could lead to your being hurt or having accidents!

Aries Love and Relationships 2016

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Aries July Horoscope
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