Cancer July Horoscope

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Cancer’s Love & Relationships Horoscope in July 2016
If your relationship is at the beginning, be very tactful! And if you don't have a relationship yet, July 2016 is not the right time to start one.The tense relationship between the planets located in cardinal signs will take their toll on Pluto, located in your house of couples. Therefore, expect a full summer, with events that can turn your sentimental life upside down!

At the negative pole, there's a risk of conflicts or even break-ups. At the other one, affective relationships involving partners that might change your life or at least your vision on love become possible.Destiny will play an important role, without you having much control of the situation.

Cancer’s Money & Career Horoscope In July 2016

Status and fame could improve following the good aspects the Sun and Mercury will make in Cancer. The second decade of July 2016 could be the most relevant in this direction.

However, since the total Sun eclipse will take place in your sign, get ready for changes, for unexpected turning points. They can take place at any time up to the New Year's Eve, but most likely in July or in the first part of August 2016.Career, aspirations, social status and prestige will massively be ignored in July 2016 by the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that demands action - and not any kind,
but large-scale action.

Ambitions and great gestures can cause small earthquakes in your relationships with your superiors, partners and associates, the latter having already been in a series of changes for a while.The last decanate in July 2016 could be a critical one, in any area, so career inclusive.Financially, though, you won't be too bad...

Cancer’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In July 2016
The transit of the Sun will lend you energy until the 22nd of July, and the one of Mercury will provide cheerfulness, clear thinking and handiness until the 17th of July 2016.You should especially avoid haste, imprudence and excesses.Stress is almost always present in your life. You're permanently working on something, you're working under pressure, you have a hard time relaxing.

Under these circumstances it's possible that emotional breakdowns appear, some warning signals regarding health, and even a predisposition to accidents or other kind of aggression on your body.

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Cancer July Horoscope
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