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Cancer sign representatives will have to work hard on themselves in July 2018. This is an extremely positive thing to do, because the second summer month is ideal for any kind of personal changes. The Moon will be on your side, and this is not surprising, because Moon is one of the main protectors of your sign. Another consideration is that now the influence of the Sun's younger sister will be especially strong due to its interstellar position. Therefore, it is definitely not necessary to engage in self-criticism and overly intense self-discovery at this stage. It is better to open up to the world, hoping that it will do the same for you. Just do not sit around waiting for someone's response, and do not pass on the initiative, otherwise the situation will get out of control. This is a powerful, positive time, which tends to be brightly dynamic. But, thoughtless actions, or some actions performed for essentially selfish reasons, are another story. It is not enough to do good things for yourself, it is important to understand why this is necessary for everyone around. After all, if your ultimate goal is self-satisfaction, then you will very quickly run into an obstacle unable to move. The second summer month may even be somewhat philosophical for you from this point of view, although it is clearly not worth it to dwell on overly-deep thoughts. Adhere your own moral and ethical code, which has been guiding you well for a long time. And do not forget that changes are particularly good only when they are under control.

On your work front you will encounter situations that will not depend on you in any way during July, 2018. But, this does not mean that you can't use those situations for your own sake. Of course, after being given some new information, you have to hustle a bit to restructure your plans. So, as has been mentioned before, conservatism will now be almost the main braking factor. For self-starters the only difficulty will be about determining the correct, priority direction. You can listen to other people's advice, but the stars recommend relying only on your own feelings. It is important to note here that you should rely heavily on your feeling rather than on logic. July can be the time of the most significant transformations for Cancers who work for others. If there is an opportunity to implement some long-planned idea, wait no more: the time to act has arrived. If you do not do it now, you will not find a better time. Now is definitely worth taking the risk. And, even if something goes wrong, the consequences will not be as harmful as feared. In general, be guided by a steady mantra: if you want more, first become something more yourself. This is a universal rule that will now work in your favor one hundred percent. Be prepared for one of your colleagues to suddenly turn into your opponent (probably an implicit one); this event should only motivate you more strongly to act.

A lot of interesting love-related things will happen with Cancers in July 2018. A controversial situation might emerge within your family when participants do not fully understand the situation themselves. It is unlikely that this will turn into a huge problem for you: it will be just a curious thing to observe. Here, it is important to remember one simple thing: someone who loves and appreciates you will do just that, considering not only what is to your advantage but also your disadvantage. Remember this when you decide to change. Now is a good time to spend with your family but you certainly don't need to spend all your time with them. However, you do still have to dedicate at least sometimes, and it is better to spend this time outside. In general, you will quickly understand that at this stage most conflicts will get resolved by themselves as soon as you get away from those concrete jungles also known as cities. If you stay in the city and encourage the conflict further, you might end up overheating the entire situation. Try to draw conclusions from the suggestions above and make them play in your favor. This time will be full of personal emotions for single Cancers. That means that you might end up facing situations that you probably cannot share with anyone. But this situation should not frighten you. On the contrary, treat it as a kind of a test of faith or an assessment of your capabilities. If you feel that someone is drawn toward you, act! Achieve the goal by all means, but do not violate someone else's freedom of choice while doing this. Otherwise, you might end up with a result that is directly opposite to what you expect.

This will be a month when things will get moving again and you will finally feel as if you are getting results in line with your past efforts. You could make some attractive investments where your finances are concerned, but be vigilant all the same. In reality, you will sense that good fortune could turn in your favour and you won't be entirely wrong.

You will have good reason to believe that this month could be a real month of opportunity. Jupiter will bestow a kindly look in your direction, giving you reassurance, and you will move forward without taking a wrong step. On the 12th, you will be rather unrealistic and lacking in objectivity, so listen closely to the sound advice that could be dispensed by a colleague or someone close to you. On the 3rd, you will be radiant and be given an opportunity to be the centre of attention. Make the most of this enlightened moment. If you don't turn down the offer to be centre stage, you will definitely benefit from the situation.

Love overview:
The position of Venus will make you cautious and almost subdued. This is where you will need to take action and not let yourself be overshadowed by people who are more far-sighted. Have confidence, and your charms and attractions will make you someone people want to get to know and spend time with. You will manage to impose your presence if you are subtle and take things gradually.

In a relationship:
On the family front, you will love managing everyday matters and general concerns in a perfect manner. You will never refuse to invest as a couple in organising an event that will bring everyone together around you. You will double your efforts on the 12th and 13th.

This month, you will express yourself more easily than usual as you will feel reassured. Your usual sensitivity will work gradually and you will manage to get things off your chest. Now will be the time to strengthen a friendship, which may develop into other things.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
You will handle your emotions perfectly and this will be a good thing. There will be no ambiguity with the one you love. It will be a period when you will use your intelligence and get closer. Make the most of the 12th to be creative.

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Cancer July Horoscope
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