Capricorn July Horoscope

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July 2016 Horoscope Capricorn: Love & Relationships

In the first two decanates of July 2016, the Sun will be in your house of couples, shining on, highlighting and energizing this field.The eclipse also promises unusual and significant events. It can be about laying the cards on the table, clearing things up, explanations.

In other words, Venus in Virgo suggests that love will come from far away or that you'll take a trip, or that it's time you explored new horizons waiting to be discovered together with the dear one.

Sexuality will go beyond the flesh barrier, lending a cultural or spiritual dimension.The relational area will be under magnifying glasses, experiencing surprising events, according to the eclipse and other astral configurations.

And if the harmonious aspects the Sun and Mercury in the house of couples will make with Uranus in the house of dates and communication can bring nice surprises in the second decade of July 2016, the eclipse won't be as generous for the rest of the period.Either the relationship or your partner will face an unexpected obstacle.

July 2016 Horoscope Capricorn: Career & Finance
There's frenzy in the store for you... at your place! You'll move, redecorate, buy durables etc.! The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction can even support a real estate investment. If you own a company, the frenzy can transfer to the headquarters.

Trips, studies or specializations will solicit you even further.As regards success and acknowledgement, the last decanate in July 2016 will be a tough one for your career: the Mars-Saturn conjunction can throw a difficult obstacle in your way, a decision difficult to make or another event perceived as aggressive or unpleasant.In the first part of July 2016 you might be tempted into a fast way of earning money, but it won't lack dangers.

The money you'll earn by working in the second part of the month will be more certain. The effort will be considerable, but also the earnings. In the same period something special to work on might appear, something that will catch your whole attention.Relationships with colleagues or subordinates will be more subjective, influenced by sentimental changes. Collaborations and contracts can become troublesome.

July 2016 Horoscope Capricorn: Health & Morale
It won't be the most exuberant period of the year. The vitality will go down and you'll take on a lot of inner, physical and psychological pressure.If you can hope for Mars and Saturn's support in maintaining your resistance in the first two decanates of July 2016, in the last decanate there's nobody to rely on. Especially since the Sun is also hiding in an obscure house...

Get into a "safe mode"! Spare your strength, take small and safe steps, don't push your limits!With Mars in the house of health, after 12th July 2016 there will be a risk of acute pathology or trauma. Some extra prudence is needed when handling dangerous objects (weapons, sharp or hot objects).

Sun exposure must be reduced and protection lotions with high protection factor need to be used.
You should also cut down on alcohol, coffee, stimulants and spices.

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Capricorn July Horoscope
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