Capricorn July Horoscope

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In July 2018, Capricorns will be assisted by usually un-supportive Moon in addition to its main patron, Saturn. The second summer month will reconfigure this satellite and allow you to achieve significant results in conquering human souls and hearts. This period will be especially successful in terms of starting a new relationship. It is likely that Capricorns with families will discover something new, especially if their desire is mutual. You will have to stand up for your own interests at work, but it is advisable not to go so far as open conflict. The period may be slightly less or slightly more successful, but your sign is clearly advised to act in any situation. In other words, other things being equal, choose the option that promises some positive things right here and now, if your direct participation can be a factor in resolving the issue. Do not shift responsibility onto someone else; take care of everything yourself, but at the same time try to be reasonable in assessing your own capabilities. The situation where you bite off more than you can chew is probably even worse than doing nothing. However, some truly faithful friends can help here. Do not worry if something does not work out on the first attempt. The second summer month will definitely help you to stabilize everything. The main thing is not to shut yourself out from the rest of the world. Try to breathe freely!

July 2018 may indeed be ambiguous, but still a very promising period in the arena of work. Here, you just need to get yourself straight and show your confident position to others. If you do not work for yourself, do not get involved in some conflict that is not related to you. The dispute can most likely end positively without you. Think about your own capabilities and about the working prospects. The stars do not call for changing your job, but this option is worth considering. It will give you food for thought. Do not limit yourself to any traditional modes of behavior, and do not let anyone act on your behalf. This period calls for some resolute action, but not necessarily from you. Help colleagues to get a better understanding of the current situation. If you are ready to become a leader, go ahead - everything is in your hands! Everything can develop a little differently for Capricorns who have their own business. You should not rely only on a single opinion, even if this opinion is yours. Be sure to evaluate the alternatives, see if you can predict how everything might turn around under this or that scenario. Allies are good, but it is up to you whether you want to have them or not. This is a good period for large-scale but thoughtful investments. You can even risk getting involved in an adventure. But, make sure to take the risks into account, and then you can count on a big jackpot.

The sphere of love will be the less risky side of your life, but, perhaps, much more active. In July 2018 there will always be something happening. Not necessarily personally with you, but somewhere in close proximity to you. Try to help everyone; altruism this month will be rewarded in a special way. In addition, single Capricorns clearly need to think about their situation. If you decide to take a step forward, something fun and unforgettable is guaranteed to happen to you. However, there are no guarantees that you will live your "happily ever after", so the main thing is that for now you can really be happy enjoying the moment. The stars also recommend trusting your friends and staying alert with strangers. Turning to Capricorns with families, they should be extra attentive to the words they utter. Remember that truth has many wrappers; in other words, the same fact can be presented in very different ways. If you are too lazy to be bothered, then you should prepare for a temporary misunderstanding, which may well lead to a scandal. So, it is better to control what you say, especially when your mind is slightly clouded by other thoughts. In general, July 2018 will allow you to understand other people better. Some Capricorn will find new friends who can potentially become something more than just friends. The main thing is not to remain single.

Time to get moving or accept great change, and you will have great chances of getting back into the saddle immediately. Events will happen one after another and you will have everything you need. It will be time to rebuild, or build on former foundations. Your ability to react to whatever turns up will help you seize some good opportunities and you will be building on firm foundations.

On the one hand, you will be immersed in a love-life which will become apparent over the course of the month and based in a profound but fertile reality. On the other hand, even if you lose yourself in daydreams, you will be closer to the hope of a better future and reaching your objectives. You will have renewed your commitments or duties and this will be the perfect ground for planning for better days. Your thoughts, feelings and reality will coincide. You will be ready to be surprised by the unusual.

Love overview:
Venus in Virgo will make things light-hearted and enable you to enjoy happy and solid relationships. This will be renewal, when you will express yourself willingly in your love-life, but you will be held back by a secret or a certain reserve. However, you will go forward with full confidence and thus manage to envisage another world, one you believe in.

In a relationship:
You will be guided by sensitivity and loyalty and these are the two pillars on which you will build your relationship. Your great sincerity will be expressed by powerful but controlled emotions. You will measure what is a possibility and do everything to make sure it's all working. On the 16th, you will show another face to your partner.

You will clearly be in the process of taking some great decisions. There will certainly be positive events pushing you towards change. You will meet the right people.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Make the most of past experience to prepare for the future. You will have gone through some complex moments and it will now be calmer hours awaiting you. Move forward without concerns.

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Capricorn July Horoscope
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