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Gemini’s Love & Relationships Horoscope in July 2016
On 5th July 2016, Venus, the planet of love, will enter your sign, and on 12th Mars, the planet of lust and passion, will follow it. Under the influence of the two, there are high chances that July becomes really hot!

You'll have a sexual magnetism that will irresistibly attract and in your turn, you'll be chasing any trace of pheromones... Receptivity will be at its peak, both affectively and erotically.

Sentimental opportunities can occur at any time, but especially in the last decade of July 2016.In July 2016, your relationships will be under the sign of unexpected, novelty and change.Nothing is for sure, no matter if it's couple plans, your attitude towards your partner or vice versa, or even the ...identity of the person that will catch your sentimental attention.

Things can get complicated at any time, and the tensions that could appear are not at all to be ignored.
The last decanate in July 2016 needs much prudence, because it is then that things can get out of control completely.

Gemini’s Money & Career Horoscope In July 2016
With Venus and Mars in your sign, it promises to be a very active month especially as concerns relationships, with collaborations and much socialization, but also with fights and rivalries.After 12th of July 2016 initiatives and energetic activities are foreseen. The competition will get tighter, the will stronger, the ambition will increase. You'll be efficient: you'll take action, cut through the chase, solve.

The second decade of July will be financially promising and it can unexpectedly bring money or facility.Friendship and joint actions will have a fresh impulse. There'll be new, courageous and large-scale projects.

Explicitly or not, the interest in the material sphere will make its presence felt. All your plans and initiatives will prove to have a more or less visible connection to money and business. The latter will be rather tense, which will require an attitude and strategy reconsideration.The accommodation, properties and the family (especially parents) will demand extra effort on your behalf.

Gemini’s Physical & Mental Fitness Horoscope In July 2016

If you're a bit weak in the first decade of July 2016, don't worry! You'll recover after the 12th: you'll have strength, fast reactions, impulse.

Mars will keep you ready for action. You'd better humor it by getting involved in a consistent physical activity, because otherwise the unused energy can cause problems: acute ailments, infections, inflammations, injuries because of speed or imprudence.In the first decanate of July 2010 you won't overflow with energy, but Venus in Leo, in your house of the mind and communication, will assure you a high morale and a good mood.

In the second decanate, Mercury, your ruler, will enter the same area. Your physical tonus will improve, you'll have very good intellectual performances, but probably higher stress too.

Gemini  Love Horoscope 2016

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Gemini July Horoscope
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