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In addition to its usual patron, Ceres, Gemini will have another unexpected ally in Eris, who in the usual situation is quite aggressive towards Gemini. Such a powerful tandem will have an equally amazing effect. The current month will be bright and literally crowded with various events for Gemini representatives as well as for the other signs. There will be a certain opportunity not be missed out on. Do not neglect those things that were always regarded as precious to you. You should also try not following the crowd; do not parrot mainstream opinion, as it is much more important what you think about a particular phenomenon or event. This period will not be straightforward, but it does not matter what motivates you as long as it energizes you. If there is a desire to change your place of work, go ahead and do it. If you think that your current relationship will lead to nothing - well, it is time to sort this out. But do not put the emphasis on emotions, let the mind and feelings work together - only this option can lead to a finale that will go along with your wishes and goals. In general, at this stage you will not encounter any obstacles that you cannot overcome. Even your main heavenly antagonist Jupiter will not be strong enough to interfere with your plans. If you relax too much and start acting feebly, the situation will stop rewarding you, and the result will change to the exact opposite of what you want. You might be able to afford that type of outcome in other cases, but not now.

Focusing in more detail on the business sector, it is worth noting that Gemini may well advance to a higher level in July 2018. For example, if you work for someone and have been planning to upgrade your situation for a long time (assessing your own capabilities in an objective and critical way), now you really can seize such a chance. Your choice of tools in accomplishing your plan will define your future. This period will be very diverse, so that everyone can find something that he will like. Or, maybe you'll make a mistake by stumbling, or betting on selfishness and hedonism. If you haven't figured it out it already, this time is leaning toward the opposite attitude. Self-employed Geminis need to understand the necessity of acting as quickly as possible in order to maintain their existing positions. Do not neglect the opinion of your companions and do not stop halfway. Your energy will be enough to implement all the current plans. Even being convinced of the opposite thing, do not let your worries deter you. In general, this month is successful in financial terms. Acting confidently and thoughtfully, you can significantly increase your income. In addition, some unilateral measures will be more effective than the normal systematic implementation of a thought-out project. In general, the second summer month will be particularly interesting for you and will provide plenty of unusual opportunities.

In July 2018, Geminis have all the chances they need to succeed. Succeed in what? Basically, in anything you want! Just make sure to be fully aware of yourself and your actions. Those actions that are unreasonable and too ambiguous are very unlikely to succeed regardless of the circumstances. The more concrete your actions are, the better your chances for success. If we are talking about Gemini members who at this stage of life are not "burdened" by spouses, then they need to stay alert and extra attentive. You have big opportunities to see something important, and not just for your own benefit. This is the perfect moment to help an old friend to solve his main problem. Of course, no one will accuse you of anything bad if you decide to act only in pursuit of your own desires. Do not wait for the epic victory of "good over evil". Geminis with families are advised not to worry much about anything. It is unlikely that anyone will purposefully interfere with your plans. However, you might lack understanding of something at a certain point, because of being shortsighted or because of not being able to act at the right time/right place. In any case, try to foresee the situation at least a step ahead of where you are and do not be afraid to confront those relatives who have gone too far (but try to do it as calmly as possible). Sometimes it is very useful to stand up for yourself, especially if it allows everything to get sorted out.

You will get the month off to a flying start and take action before you can say Jack Robinson. You will be motivated by a fierce desire to move forward throughout the month. Fortunately, Neptune, from his position in the sign of Pisces, will envelop you in his dreamlike mists and blur the boundaries of your imagination.

These two tendencies together will make you irresistible and no-one will know what person you are going to be the next day. You will be able to look forward to a bright future and only the first week of the month could bring you a few frustrations. An unfortunate word from someone you love, or you were expecting a visit that has been postponed? Whatever the case, it will disappear very quickly and Jupiter will consolidate a conformist trend, which will enable you to let things be and accept the need to play the game by the rules. It will be time for you to cast a glance at things new.

Love overview:
Tenderness, intimacy and sensuality will be the key words. Your partner will share your dreams and you will take them to be reality. In fact, it will be reality. You will be able to let yourself go in love without a second's thought, but you will be bound to secrecy. Don't let things out all of a sudden. You will express yourself in an enigmatic manner on the 10th.

In a relationship:
A wonderful period for the two of you, enabling you to make the best of each other. The square aspect between Mars and Jupiter will enable you not to make too much of things and as a result, nothing will weary you, as you will know how to strike a balance. You will have a romantic love-life, but your feelings and approach will lead the way.

You will feel resentment towards someone you appreciate and this will cause you pain. You won't have understood the reason for the attack and will feel offended. You could have a fundamental discussion between the 24th and 27th.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
You won't necessarily want to make an effort to justify yourself at every turn. Don't feel obliged to explain the whys and wherefores of your actions. State your desires and say what you like.

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Gemini July Horoscope
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