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July 2016 Horoscope Leo: Love & Relationships
The couple life seems to be animated by some common interests, that can very well be material, intellectual or spiritual. If it's about an older relationship, the ones of a material nature will prevail; if it's about an early love story, we're talking about the need to share concepts and visions, to discover the world together, to experiment together, and to help each other evolve.

The end of July 2016 can set some trials for your relationship.You'll be going through a more tense period, and the general stress can have an impact on your couple life as well, especially in the first decade of July 2016.

On the other hand, it's maybe pressure that can push you into doing things that you otherwise would have hesitated doing: start a conquering campaign, be the first one attempting a make-up, etc. However, don't forget that the house of couples is ruled by the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in 2016, which can have deceptive effects!

July 2016 Horoscope Leo: Career & Finance
The thirst for knowledge or for very specialized professional studies will intensify; perspective will change, the way of thinking too - everything due to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries.

Mercury in Leo will bring you an avalanche of ideas and a great need to communicate, and Saturn, Mars and Venus will stimulate your interest in business, investments or finding new income sources.

The last decanate of July 2016 will bring much pressure, difficult responsibilities and, probably, some work-related conflicts or accidents. But it'll also improve the chances to succeed.Until the 12th of July 2016, Mars, located in the house of career, will be in a tense aspect with Jupiter and Neptune, generating stress, effort and fights whose stake are hierarchy, fame, reputation.

Associations can be tested, while competition and opponents can cause you troubles. To win, you have to be objective and control your impulsiveness.The second part of July 2016 will be more relaxed, favorable to collaboration and group activities.The financial sector will recover after 18th of July.

July 2016 Horoscope Leo: Health & Morale

Pluto has been (and will be) for a long time in your house of health, and it's very bothered by Jupiter and Uranus, and then, by Saturn and even Pluto. The threat to your health will thus become serious, and even very serious towards the end of July 2016.

Protect yourself, spare yourself, have the recommended treatments, and if you feel something is not all right, go to the doctor's immediately!In July the inconveniences of 2016 will be more visible: the tendency to excesses and the difficulty to manage the careless impulses.

Hence the danger of extra weight and of aggravating ailments that require a certain lifestyle, but also the danger of getting involved in stress-generating situations. Moderation!

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Leo July Horoscope
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