Libra July Horoscope

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July 2016 Horoscope Libra: Love & Relationships
Until 5th of July 2016, misplaced Venus and conflicting with Jupiter and Neptune can take you in a tense, confusing situation in which things can easily get out of control.

Once Venus gets out of the occult and gloomy eighth house, your sentimental life will start a brighter, a more relaxed period.The most favorable period will be the last week of July: love opportunities or greater interest in the couple. In July 2016, you'll have an exciting month as regards love and relationships.

You'll be on a volcano that boils inside, but whose eruption is delayed. But it'll eventually take place and it'll be spectacular.It is to be seen what effects this will have, because there are even chances for them to be devastating or wonderful. The triggering factor seems to be related to the occult, mystery, secret... A secret initiation? A forbidden love? Or simply the need to isolate yourself in a magical universe or, in the worst scenario, to delude yourself?

July 2016 Horoscope Libra: Career & Finance

The energetic impulse will activate the area of association and collaborations for you. Changes can take place here, there can be new proposals or old partnerships can end. Even the eclipse will take place in your house of career, foreshadowing unusual events in this area.

The problem is that of respect for the freedom of decision and action. Anyhow, you'll tend to get deeply involved in joint efforts that aim at great, ambitious goals.The last decanate of July 2016 will be busy, stressful, difficult and conflicting. There might be troubles related to the house, real estate properties or patrimony goods.The first part of July 2016 will encourage you to financial initiatives, but... prudence, as risks or greed can lead to losses!

Trips and lofty intellectual preoccupations will personalize the second part of July. Inspired actions and ingenious ideas will help you in your career.On the other hand, career will undergo the effects of the eclipse as well, so there could be unexpected, sudden, surprising events in this area, maybe even unpleasant.

July 2016 Horoscope Libra: Health & Morale
The first two decanates of July 2016 can be unpleasant as regards health, because it's not easy to deal with Mars and Saturn in your house of serious diseases, hospitals and hidden dangers. Rest and relaxation will be under question, and your immunity barrier will be rather low.

You won't get rid of the threat afterwards either, because the shock wave of the cardinal maximum can hit you in the last decanate, even at a physical level. Take care of yourself!The possible discomfort in the first week of July 2016 will be based on a psychical indisposition rather than on a physical one. The tonus will improve gradually, so that the third decade will find you in a perfect shape.However, if you're suffering from something, don't ignore it! Saturn in the house of serious diseases will be watching!

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Libra July Horoscope
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