Pisces July Horoscope

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July 2016 Horoscope Pisces: Love & Relationships
Love will still be a priority. Because the Sun is in your house of love and Saturn, Mars, and then Venus, are in your house of couples, the affective needs, romanticism and sexual impulse will be much stronger.

However, you'll tend to push it, as in the "all or nothing" style, which is rather risky. It's true that the Sun, Venus and Mercury (the ruler of your house of couples) will favor you, but Mars and Saturn make a tough combination, which very often brings about dramas. On top of everything, you'll even have an eclipse in your house of love!

July 2016 will definitely be an important month. Be careful how you approach situations!The good astral aspect between the two and the sober Saturn in the house of couples talks about an excellent affective communication with the partner, even if the relationship is old or the partners go through a hard period.

The good aspect with Uranus in Pisces says that positive changes are possible in their shared life. However, the eclipse warns you that anything is possible so... keep your flexibility and awareness.

July 2016 Horoscope Pisces: Career & Finance
The career will start to focus on more pragmatic things. The goals will be aimed at according to their profitability.Jupiter, the ruler of career and status, is conjunct with Uranus in your house of money and will encourage you to find new means of raising your income. The combination is enthusiastic, capable of finding great solutions, full of boldness, but... it prefers risks and has nothing to do with saving money.

You'd better try to control it, because the last decanate in July 2016 looks to be critical at the financial level and you don't have to be vulnerable from this point of view.A hectic period in the first part of July 2016, with travels, many contacts and intellectual stress. Some gossip or indiscretion can turn you upside down.

After the 12th July, you'll direct your strength to actions regarding your home or real estate. It'll be a good period for constructions, repairing, redecorating.The second decade of July 2016 will be interesting especially for creation, expression and promotion. Financially, take care until the 12th July, because you might experience losses, waste or other problems!

July 2016 Horoscope Pisces: Health & Morale

Stress, tiredness, the sensation that it's difficult to go on. With Mars and Saturn in the sign opposite to yours, the energies are confused and there'll be higher probability for conflicts to arise, which will alter the mental tonus, and also for accidents, which will alter the physical one.

At least you'll have the Sun's support in the first two decanates of July 2016, and Mercury in your house of health will be able to find quick solutions when needed.Your tonus will be good, you'll have energy and vitality, especially in the first two decades of July. It'll be a good period for sport and other physical activities.

A special warning for pregnant Pisces women: prudence, because there's a high risk of abortion, premature birth or other unexpected event related to your pregnancy or maternity.

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Pisces July Horoscope
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