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In July 2018 Pisces will rely on Jupiter, who in the usual position plays the role of this sign's leader. Now it will also turn into the main adviser, assistant and all other roles, because there will be no other allies for your sign. Actually, you will not need them, because as Pisces will now be the only sign, the second summer month will be quite a relaxing time, when there is no need to do anything in emergency mode. The main thing is not letting yourself get confused. Other people might have thousands of problems, hundreds of worries, dozens of new promising ideas ... You also will have many opportunities to make even your most daring plans come true, because this month is good for all signs without exception. In terms of the financial sphere, opportunities will follow from your desires. Does this sound like something from a fairy tale? It might, but in reality this is the way it usually happens. The issue is more about us not being clear about our desires. Nevertheless, in July 2018 the stars will provide Pisces with a unique chance, so you must enjoy it to the fullest. The desire to do as much as possible in as little time as possible will end up negatively. On the other hand, it is not worth holding yourself back without any adequate reason, otherwise you can be left behind without anything at all. Everything will be in your hands regarding personal relationships. Circumstances will push you in the right direction.

Pisces clearly should take their time in signing especially important documents in July 2018. Why? Because there is an opportunity to be mistaken simply due to not being attentive enough. In addition, Mercury's unfavorable position can activate all the people who are envious of you. It can also indirectly influence the negative development of circumstances. If you think that you do not have enemies, then you probably are deeply mistaken. Pisces without personal businesses can act as freely as they want, and no one will disturb them. There might be some misunderstanding with your boss, but it is enough to be attentive and to be tactful in handling attacks. You can really benefit from networking with your colleagues in handling those challenges. Do not hesitate to use all the ammunition available to you; if you do not win now, you will severely reduce opportunities available to you in both quality and quantity. The stars recommend those Pisces who work for themselves not rush in making decisions. You control the situation, so let it be the way it is. Somebody might try convincing you of the opposite, but if you are ready to defend yourself, there will be no need to do it. Being confident in your own abilities and good preparation can often short-circuit the whole debate process, or can become its bitterest part. That is why people who tend to do everything halfway will be left behind.

Pisces' love life will largely depend on the extent they understand their own position in the world. No, this is not a philosophical question from the category of eternal ones. It is simply that at a certain moment you will meet a person who will become your faithful friend (and maybe someone more than just a friend) only when they observe your entire personality. So, try to define your life guiding principles as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. Take your time doing the rest of the things you're doing. Single persons can allow the situation to stay the way it is for as long as possible. The main thing is to quit playing around for too long, because your feelings are not always most important. For Pisces with families, this period will be as calm and peaceful as possible. You can even go on vacation, if there is someone to delegate your work to. It is a good time to spend with your family. Smiles and fun are waiting for you, especially if you are able to leave the confines of your office and your home more frequently. July 2018 will also encourage you to find a hobby (or come back to a long-forgotten one). It does not matter if your friends support you or not. It will be much more important if this activity can spark your interest again. If not, then you just need something else. Keep on searching!

The strange force of Neptune will bear you aloft and enable you to feel in full control of your means. Your strongly senitive powers will enable you to grasp what is happening around you without effort. It will be as if you are reading an open book, as nothing or no-one will be able to resist your filtering. You will have X-ray eyes, and analyse people and situations without their even noticing.

Jupiter will reinforce your certainties, making you a strange combination of intuition and common-sense. In the worst of scenarios, you will run the risk of being taken for a creature from another planet, which won't displease you at all. You will therefore have every chance of being a winner in guessing games, being ahead of everyone else. The key will therefore lie in how you master the impressions and messages you receive. If you make good use of them, you won't regret it.

Love overview:
Your love-life could be more poetical than sensual, but you won't feel too inclined to give too much ground in a totally ethereal relationship. You will immediately understand how to deal with the person you want to win over and you won't let things hold you back too much. The fact that you will have understood the full picture will gain you some ground.

In a relationship:
Uncertain or unaccustomed love-affairs could be the focus of your attention. You will be looking for escape in your relationship, but you will remain observant and open to all possibilities. It will be attractive and full of promise. On the 20th and 21st, you will be in another dimension.

A strange and spicy relationship will attract you like a magnet. You won't yet feel bold enough to turn the next corner, but you will be so close, you could find yourself on your way.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Don't feel strange if you can see things that others can't. The planets will be playing tricks, but this will be a game that's worth the candle, so accept the situation you find yourself in.

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Pisces July Horoscope
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