Sagittarius July 2020 Horoscope

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Although study and travel can provide benefits, you may run into delays. Legal actions can also be filled with ridiculous entanglements. A flexible attitude is necessary when dealing with outside frustrations—particularly those centered on things you cannot control.
A vacation may be just what you need to recoup your vitality, but travel can bring its own frustrations, so keep your plans simple, and allow ample time for delays. A period of retreat from July 11 to 18 aids healing.
You’ve heard about déjà vu, and now the past seems to be coming back to roost. This time, you have a chance to rectify problems and finish incomplete emotional business. During the Moon on July 12 it’s easier to release your attachments.
The lunar eclipse on July 28 emphasizes your spiritual needs, and you may prefer to spend time focused on higher ideals instead of dealing with the small stuff.
With Mercury in retrograde from July 12 to August 5, you may not accomplish everything you hope, but you can use this time to solidify ongoing ventures or to gain release from agreements that no longer fulfill your needs. Untruthful or deceptive actions muddy the waters after July 18, when you may have to address unpleasant business rather than be caught in a quagmire created by the ineptitude of others.
Avoiding the unnecessary while concentrating on simplification works wonders. This is no time to add more to your plate. It’s time to get rid of what you no longer need.

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