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The second summer month will be an unquestionably unforgettable period for Sagittarius representatives. The fact is that in July 2018, Sagittarius' leading planet Jupiter and its exultant planet Eris will both occupy exceptionally good and energetically potent positions on the heavenly bend. Nevertheless, while promising some pleasant bonuses, this period also includes some peculiarities that need to be taken into account, assuming you want to win. First, remember that now the emphasis will be on emotions in practically any situation. The senses and emotions dominate, and even in work-related questions one has to rely first on intuition, and only then on logical reasoning. Nevertheless, this period is especially good for both personal and professional growth. The main thing is not letting yourself do anything that you will end up regretting afterward. Going a little crazy can be good at certain times. But for now, when feelings will triumph over mind, you should not add emotional fuel to the fire of any already unstable situation. In fact, nothing complicated is required from your side; you should act in the way you always act. At work, some troubles are possible, but they are unlikely to be significant. Although, if sometime previously, you prepared something important, standing out in this way or that, you can now expect some pleasant surprises. Just do not relax in advance; this is only the beginning of your journey that can later result in the realization of your dreams.

In terms of work, July 2018 is good for new beginnings. Your sign needs to think about starting new projects or even some new businesses. If you have been thinking about something like that, now is the time to stop thinking and to begin acting. The main advice for Sagittarius representatives who don't work for themselves is to avoid playing with fire. Do not hide your emotions, but stay away from overly strong emotions. Now, it is likely that some tension might emerge between management and the workers. The situation may affect you or not. In any case, you reserve the right to speak up at any time, and if you do this try to understand that there is no going back. Sagittarius members with personal ventures can relax; for now, everything will develop in accordance with their plans. Well, maybe not everything, but all the important questions will be resolved in your favor. In general, there is clearly no need to stress yourself, but it is worth working a little bit harder for better results. Also, the second summer month is perfect for making deals. However, before shaking hands with your new ally, think carefully about the real motivations in the situation. In fact, purely material interest may not be the only driving factor. It is not the most important driver in many cases. Many business people often forget about this, so you should not repeat their mistake.

July 2018 will be especially effective for Sagittarius representatives. The Sagittarians will indeed be feeling like rock stars, but you will have to do a lot in order to hold onto this status. Sagittarius representatives with families definitely need to devote as much time as possible to their loved ones. But, July will not specifically be the best period to go on a vacation for those of this sign. Don't get scared, there is nothing horrible about to happen, it is just that vacation at some later time will bring you many more things to enjoy. Do not save your strength; this time is good for spending energy and sharing it with others under different circumstances. Single Sagittarius representatives definitely should be more careful. There are several potential objects of interest who will be willing to respond back. No matter how hard it may be, you have to be careful in your choice. Remember to put your feelings first, and your mind after during this very sensual period. Try to understand who you feel the best with, and that will be enough to be happy. July 2018 will allow you to relax, enjoy life in good company and provide opportunities for personal development. Make yourself available for feelings - even to those which might seem unpleasant to you. Experiment with your life, experience new things. Even painful moments will pass almost unnoticed, and the second summer month will be surprisingly successful in this sense.

Feelings, thought, desires and needs will be closely linked and give you cause for celebration. The planets in Leo will look on you kindly, so make the most of this soon, because in the middle of the second week, Venus will move into Virgo and could become quarrelsome. Nothing very problematic.

Your thinking will be on top form and you could make the most of this time to see the world through rose-coloured glasses once more. In all events, if you resist taking action too quickly or being heavy-handed, you will have everything in hand for establishingthe life that you want. Now will be the time to resist spending outlandishly, or at least put it off for a while. Move forward very carefully. There's no reason why you should be held back in any way, especially as time will be on your side, enabling you to maintain a balance that will be difficult to achieve. On the 23rd, what people think of you will be highlighted and you will be quite satisfied.

Love overview:
You will maintain a balance in your social circle and this is what will seem the most important to you. You will move forward with positive dynamics, which will bring great decisions or great advances in your wake. Love will certainly be highlighted, but also everything that goes with it. Be objective on the 23rd and be measured in what you say.

In a relationship:
The emphasis will be on your relationship. You will discuss things, love each other and enjoy yourselves. Things will be light-hearted but warm and everything will go in hand. Communication, sensuality, humour and past moments together will be harmonious and comforting. The first week could favour great commitments.

If you accept the need to consider relationships from the best angle, you could pull things off successfully. Don't let yourself get carried away by changing moods. Your great threories will need to be put into practice and you will then feel appreciated.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Don't hesitate to put things off till tomorrow. The positive influences will happen quickly and effectively, but they could be frustrated if you go too fast. You will know how to weigh up the pros and cons. It will be useful sometimes to have it both ways.

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Sagittarius July Horoscope
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