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July 2018 might turn into an exceptionally successful period for Scorpios. On the one hand, your main heavenly patron Mars will play the role of the leader to all Water signs, and Moon that usually has quite a negative impact will now be your first ally in relation to its interstellar position. Their combo will result in the following things: You are likely to achieve indisputable victory at work, although it would be a good thing to work hard and prepare an action plan in order to achieve these desired results. Right now the winners will be those ones who clearly know what they want and how to achieve it. Your financial situation will be moderately stable. You will maintain your current financial status with a minimum of effort on your part. However, if you decide to try harder, superior profits are likely, especially for business owner Scorpios. As for the sphere of love, the situation here will be twofold, but more positive for single Scorpios. They need to stay loyal to their own beliefs and to stay true to themselves. Being insincere and trying to butter up someone will not result in anything good for you. Meanwhile, persistence and an even tiny bit of aggression will do much to benefit you. The main thing is not to allow yourself to be overly flirty and let things get out of hand. This is a very fluid time, and a lot of things can be forgotten or forgiven - a lot of things, but not all of them.

With all other things being equal, in July 2018 Scorpio can reach an important milestone or even a whole series of wonderful, unforgettable, memorable successes that will be important for your future career. If you work for yourself, stay alert and do not let others dictate the rules of the game to you. Now, you need to be persistent, but flexible. If one option does not work, try to approach the problem from another angle to get it solved eventually. Of course, maintaining pressure is not synonymous with stubbornness, and sometimes the line between these concepts is incredibly thin, and you need to try hard to stay balanced. Otherwise, you can achieve results that will fully meet everybody's expectations except yours. In regard to Scorpios who do not have their own businesses, it is recommended to monitor all sources of potential danger. Right now something special or extraordinary is unlikely to happen, but it is better to be prepared in advance for a difficult situation to avoid predictable mistakes. In general, this is a good time for career growth. You can safely take on risky projects, but only those that are going to be implemented in near future. To try to guess about the future is definitely not worth it for most projects.

Love life will be quite successful for Scorpios in July 2018. However, it is important to try to do everything on time. As in most cases, time will play against you, but all other factors will turn out to be in your favor. First of all, try to assess your position and real possibilities in the more honest way possible. No one will disturb you, but there is likely to be fierce outside criticism. It is unlikely that anyone will pursue a purely spiteful goal, but some accidentally spoken word can have a very direct impact on you. Take care of your nerves! In addition, do not try to be everywhere at once. Try to evaluate all the advice given in a thorough manner, listen to that which sounds objective to you. If a person obviously does not understand the situation, then leave him to his opinion. The main thing is not to provoke any conflicts, as now it is important to show that you are a very good person. For single Scorpios, the second summer month can be long-awaited, in the sense that you will be able to change your current status, and who knows, maybe it will be a wild romance that will last for life. As for the Scorpio members with families, they clearly need to concentrate on those priorities. There will be a lot of things to take care of, and the majority of those things will turn out to be pleasant. First try to solve the largest problems; otherwise you will simply lose yourself in unnecessary chaos. Your loved ones will be on your side, even if at times you feel that everything is the opposite. Don't be doubtful of your nearest and dearest. Everything else should be done the way you want it.

Expansion, acquisition or new learning will be your key words. This will be a period enabling you to get back on your feet and cross the Rubicon. Anything that seemed inaccessible or fobidden will suddenly seem to be within your grasp. You won't turn down the opportunity to make the most of the manna from heaven on offer. Your doubtful side will be quietened by a more optimistic approach to life.

From the second week onwards, Venus will reinforce the cosy, comfortable atmosphere your life will be going through. This will be a way of allowing yourself some good times, by finally stopping fighting against tendencies that you usually run from. You will feel rich in relationships, exchanges with others and knowledge, and your actions, which will sometimes seem disjointed, could bring you a few frustrations. Let what happens to you happen and forget the rest. In any case, what you don't obtain during this period certainly won't have been worth it. You will reap what you have sown on the 21st.

Love overview:
A passionate, rather complicated love-life, which will often remain platonic. Your mind will be working overtime, but the greatest difficulty will be in forming a true relationship. If you accept the need to be patient until the middle of the month, the fact of expressing your feelings will make things easier. You can bet that people will listen more to what you say if you don't rush things.

In a relationship:
Your great receptiveness will be somewhat undermined by more materialistic priorities. You will be caught up in your need to extend your influence and this won't be easily compatible with purely sentimental aspects. Fortunately, you will be on the same wavelength and you will go on ahead together very well.

A person you have your eyes on from a distance will occupy your thoughts. in reality, you will find it very hard to tackle him/her in a direct way, but you will also find it hard to find the right way of doing things. Express your feelings on the 12th and 13th.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
You will be able to rely on Jupiter, who will watch your back and make your situation more stable. Don't meddle in conflicts that are unimportant, as they could soon become unmanageable.

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Scorpio July Horoscope
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