Scorpio July 2020 Horoscope

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Misleading situations and unreliable changes make it tough to determine the best course of action. Remain flexible in your responses and attitudes; that’s your best posture if you are to emerge unscathed.
Worry and stress are your enemies. If you can get away, this could be a good time to take a vacation. At the least, you need to create a buffer zone. Meditation and reflection can help you remain centered, but you also need to build up your stamina through exercise.
Complex issues emerge in relationships. They may center on differences within your family, since the lunar eclipse on July 28 emphasizes this arena. Stepping away from the action can be a courageous choice, as long as you’re not shirking your responsibilities.
Contemplate your options during the Moon on July 12, when spiritual guidance offers insight. Friends are invaluable, and may provide the objectivity required to help you cope.
Deception may seem to run rampant, and only becomes worse once Mercury enters its retrograde cycle on July 12. To avoid falling victim to illusion, seek objective points of view. Consider your motivations when making financial or career choices.
Now’s an excellent time to work in creative or artistic pursuits, but they may not be sufficient to pay the rent. Loaning money is not a good idea, either, since you may be stretching to make ends meet.
Surrender is an interesting experience, especially when you realize that it may mean flowing with the tide instead of admitting defeat!

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