Scorpio July Horoscope

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July 2016 Horoscope Scorpio: Love & Relationships
The sentimental focus has lost some of its intensity, as compared to the previous months. The passion factor has calmed down a little, making more space for reason. There's a shade of conspiracy and friendship in your sentimental life.

July 2016 will be a period in which communication can lead the couple to agreeing on future plans.
If you already have a partner, you'll have good fun with your friends, you'll socialize a lot or you'll join a group initiative.

If you're single, you might meet your soul mate at a public event or through friends.The couple life will be rather hot and turbulent in the first part of July 2016, and aggressiveness, jealousy and careless deeds can lead to fights or even break-ups.Subsequently, the active sphere seems to go into a shadowed corner or on a realm of worries and anxieties. Maybe you're supposed to use this period for a cold analysis regarding your expectations of the relationship and partner. Because it seems that you expect a bit too much...

July 2016 Horoscope Scorpio: Career & Finance
An energy wave will come over the work field in July 2016: transfer or promotion opportunities, chances to find a second job or a highly beneficial opportunity to prove your potential, to stand out or be appreciated.But things will get more and more difficult and in the last decanate the high tension, lack of measure and the tendency towards risks can cause troubles.

As for money, at the first sight one wouldn't say the prognosis is negative, but there's no doubt that carelessness will take its toll on the financial situation as well.A conflict regarding real estate or possessions might arise in the first decade of July 2016. It's the same period that you should pay attention to collaborations in!

Business, investments and contacts with financial institutions will be in the spotlight in the second part of July. You'll gain more knowledge due to inspiration and creativity.

If you work in scientific research, editing, publishing or higher studies of any kind, you might have unexpected surprises in the respective area.Physically, you shouldn't be worried. July's problems will be emotional, psychological. You have to try to relax and look at things more objectively and in a detached manner.You could do with a few days off away from home and from the daily stress.

July 2016 Horoscope Scorpio: Health & Morale
There's a great energy surplus, which is very difficult to manage. This can give you huge work capacity or can turn your body upside down, according to the situation. Anyway, you'd better take good care of your health, especially in the case of hyper functions..And you'd better stop excesses and some bad habits that you have, because they're doing a lot of damage to you now.

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Scorpio July Horoscope
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