Aquarius June 2020 Horoscope

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Creative pursuits continue to inspire you, and your ideas and efforts advance your reputation and career. Investments of all types—time, money and effort—bring handsome rewards, personally and professionally.
Incorporating time for reflection brings peace, and artistic pursuits have their own healing benefits. This is a marvelous cycle to assess your health and determine what you need to do to support your physical needs.
Your sentimentality emerges, and showing your partner how much you appreciate him or her opens the way for deeper love. The energy of the Moon on June 13 heightens your sensuality. As you let love flow freely, you gain a new perspective on life. A trusting partnership becomes more spiritually focused, but an untried relationship is on uncertain footing from June 6 to 20. Take your time!
Contracts and legal agreements need careful consideration, although negotiations and hearings are promising. A clearer picture emerges after June 17. Make improvements at work before the Moon on June 28, because emotional issues can cloud the picture at that time. Prior to that, cooperative ventures are promising, and those in supportive positions seem more willing to do their part.
Keep lines of communication open. International ventures or multicultural exchange can give you a boost, and educational pursuits also show promise.

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