Scorpio June 2020 Horoscope

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Even though you may be challenged by competitors with an eye on your position, you are keenly aware of their motivations. Timing is everything, and patience can be your strongest ally.
Extra rest may be necessary, although you may feel that you never have enough time to sleep! Taking frequent breaks throughout the day, “pow- er-napping,” or allowing time for a massage can be the answer if your schedule is overwhelming.
Intimacy can be complicated, especially if you require one thing and your partner’s needs are different. Communication (not just talking!) is the key after June 7, and the significance of being in the right place during the Moon on June 13 cannot be ignored. Add energy to your love life by traveling together near the Moon on June 28, when a change of scenery can be rather inspiring.
But clarify what’s going on if someone’s misreading your signals.
Your reputation can be sullied by false information from June 1 to 12, and knowing exactly what’s happening will help you quell the damage before it’s too late. You may also suffer if partners or investors are in trouble. Before you go down with the ship, make sure it’s worthwhile. Other options appear after June 20. Avoid signing contracts after June 27, because you could overlook significant details.
Draw positive attention to those working under your supervision. Doing so can win favors and may be rewarding in ways that aren’t readily apparent.

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