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Happy New Year, Leo! As the year begins, you’re in a Capricorn solar eclipse and new moon cycle. Life is under construction and in a state of being totally overhauled. You may be starting a new job, new routine, or transitioning into a whole new life. Pay attention to your health, and make healing a priority on all levels. Teamwork is key in all relationships with colleagues and partners, which means learning to ask for help and staying focused on a common goal.

As the Cancer full moon aligns on January 10, move inward to rest, recharge, replenish, and reflect. You’re learning about your blind spots, subconscious self-destructive patterns, where you need to heal, and what no longer serves your greatest purpose. Clarify a dream, and then with daily hard work, dedication, and commitment, you can manifest that dream and live your best life.

With Venus in Aquarius, your relationships are sweetening to offer you the love and emotional, material, and even financial support you need. Be open to receiving it.

Mars in Sagittarius suggests this is a highly creative phase, fueling you with passion to get a job done. Work smarter rather than harder. It will require discernment and humility to recognize and acknowledge when something isn’t working and have the grace to let it go without taking it as a personal failure.

By the Aquarius new moon on the twenty-fourth, you’re entering a passionate new relationship cycle. Acknowledge your heart’s desires and you can attract them into your world.

Standout days: 13, 15, 23
Challenging days: 10, 12, 28

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