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Venus has been bringing sparkle to your social life since April, and you’ve been feeling the urge to connect with your friends and expand your network (solar eleventh house). During May and June, she was retrograde, which likely saw you reconnect with at least two important friends from the past. Some Leos could have crossed paths with an ex or even realized an acquaintance actually had romantic potential. Now that she is direct, you can move forward more easily on your desired path.

Mercury retrograde at the beginning of the month could still have you feeling the need to lie low, though, but once he wakes up on July 12, you should have more mental energy to focus (solar twelfth house).

However, an important moment happens on the fourth, when a lunar eclipse brings a powerful turning point in your life (solar sixth house). Some Leos could see a new job appear or finish a project that has been quite a burden to bear. Others could notice a significant health matter taking their attention. If this is the case, handle it as quickly as you can.

Yet when the new moon on July 20 echoes the solar eclipse from June, you again are feeling the need to lie low, retreat, and focus in isolation (solar twelfth house). This could mean that you’re working on a project behind the scenes or that you’re just in need of some rest and relaxation. You’ve been working very hard and still have much to achieve in the year ahead of you, so don’t burn yourself out.

When the sun roars into your sun sign on the twenty-second, though, expect it to feel like fireworks have gone off all around you (solar first house). Birthday season has arrived! This is the time of year when you’re able to radiate more brightly and set in motion the plans and cycles you’d like to echo in the months to follow. Consider how you’d like your life to look now, in 2021, and in the years to come, and begin to take steps toward creating that.

Standout days: 1, 4, 21
Challenging days: 19, 20, 27

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