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Happy New Year, Libra! There are tectonic shifts occurring in your world as you enter January. You’re in between a set of life-altering eclipses, moving forward from the Capricorn solar eclipse and new moon in your domestic sector.

With your ruler Venus in Aquarius, January marks an extremely creative phase in which you’re learning the power of now. It calls for a conscious breakdown of toxic family patterns to discover what’s worth preserving as you plant the seeds for a new life and lay the foundation for what could be your empire and legacy for generations. Sow wisely.

As the Cancer full moon and lunar eclipse align on January 10, a professional situation comes to light. You’re at the end of a longer 18-month phase of transformation in your career and domestic situation. Consciously release ambitions and responsibilities you’ve outgrown so you can step into the fullness of what you’ve become. Clarify your ambitions and professional vision. Take responsibility for your role in the past. Learn your lessons, but you needn’t continue to carry a burden. Stay in the present as you create a new life.

Venus enters Pisces on the thirteenth, shifting the focus to work, life, and health. Pay attention to your quality of life and where you pour your energy each day.

On January 24, the Aquarius new moon marks a passionate new beginning in a creative or romantic situation or a matter close to your heart. Something might feel like a risk, but the real risk would be passing up a chance to be happy. Be honest with yourself and trust your heart.

Standout days: 13, 15, 23, 26
Challenging days: 10, 12, 28

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