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As the Taurus new moon aligns on May 4, a financial situation, marriage, and/or sexual relationship is evolving deeply and profoundly. You don’t have total control, but you aren’t powerless, and you do have a choice. Consciously let go of any attachment to an outcome and invest in the situations that align with your values.

A process continues as Venus enters Taurus and Mars enters Cancer on the fifteenth. A professional situation or partnership is heating up, and you stand to gain a lot from this. Just be careful not to compromise your values in a hunger for success. It’s not worth it.

By May 18, a Scorpio full moon marks the culmination of a cycle, asking you to move beyond your superficial attachments to money, sex, or what a relationship is supposed to look like. If you’re in a power struggle, let go. Recognize your worth and you can reclaim your power.

By the twenty-first, the sun and Mercury enter Gemini, liberating you from a situation you’ve felt stuck in and bringing you precious perspective. Choose wisely and you can make solid progress toward the freedom and security you need.

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