Gemini March Horoscope

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In the early spring, the leading sign of the air trine, Gemini, will find itself in a rather ambiguous situation, which can generally be described as positive. It is noteworthy to point out the position of Mercury, traditionally acting as a planet-ruler of Geminis, because it is the lord of heaven and earth trade routes that will be playing the primary role in the current stage. Alas, the "heavenly leader" of the air trine, Pluto, in relation to the zodiac sign Gemini will actually renounce its role; to be more precise, it simply will not be able to completely suppress its negative emanations, which will neutralize the potentially positive vector of its energy dynamics. As a result, this fact will allow Jupiter, responsible for the expulsion of Geminis, to wreak havoc throughout the whole month. Fortunately, the position of Venus won't imply dynamic actions, so the situation will not be so detrimental. In general, if in March of 2016 new obstacles arise on your way, they are likely to take a really long time to overcome. It will be enough to pay attention to detail and not to plan any really large-scale events this month. Other spheres of your life, either business or personal relations, won't require any limitations on your part.

If we take a closer look at entrepreneurship and finance, in March of 2016 those born under the zodiac sign Gemini will be able to attain their desired goals if they delay the implementation of their plans. In fact, you will have a quite peaceful and harmonious time, but perhaps a bit morose because you'll always keep to yourself. However, if you are too active, this means that you will be, figuratively speaking, chasing your own tail. And if a kitten will most likely indulge itself in a similar action, you are unlikely to get from it even minimal benefits. Therefore, at certain times you will just have to accept the situation the way it is and stay passive. This will help you not only save your life energy and resources. The game of "hide-and-seek" will ensure that the most negative things will simply pass by unnoticed. But still, at least something needs to be done, and you should accomplish a minimum of your capacity, otherwise at the end of the third decade you will be in a real conundrum. On the one hand, act as quiet as a mouse; on the other one, do not forget about your ongoing tasks and don't distance yourself too much from them, even if you know that at the moment the decision is out of your reach.

Your "love life" will go through the similar stage. The only difference is that here you will need to display a little more dynamic, activity, and as they say now "action". So as soon as a fairly creative idea enters your mind, do not hesitate to implement it. Right here and right now! Only be vigilant and study thoroughly your working grounds. Do not attempt to solve the problem, if there is not enough room to maneuver. First of all, this concerns your relationship with your "second half", even if those relationships are at their developing stage. Be extremely wary, but active. What is paramount now is that you adopt an alert, not strategic, thinking. Can you tell the difference between the two? A strategist is a general and a tactician is a commander of the operational platoon. So now you have to be that commander, who is agile and always on the lookout and possesses a highly developed perception. Perhaps some things may seem unimportant to you, but now you are prone to making a serious mistake in your judgements. Therefore, if faced with a challenging situation, turn to your friends and relatives.

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Gemini March Horoscope
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