Sagittarius March 2020 Horoscope

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The enjoyable aspects of life lift your spirits and make the struggle feel worthwhile. Your playful disposition encourages creativity. Sharing your passions strengthens your relationships, which take front and center stage this month.
Recreational activities and sports form a solid basis for fitness, but you may still need extra time for rest and relaxation. If you’re feeling low energy and are concerned, consult a holistic health practitioner.
Home and family need extra care during the Moon on March 2, when you may also be uplifted by children. A fresh perspective on your security needs emerges during the Moon on March 17, and this can alter your approach to expressing your deeper feelings. Love relationships grow through mutual respect and support, and romance sweetly blooms during the Moon on March 31.
Speculative ventures fare best through March 8, because once Mercury turns retrograde on March 10 you’ll appreciate the benefits of taking a second look at your plans. A snafu in communication after March 14 may be the result of incomplete transmission of ideas—it could be mechanical, or it may just be a lack of understanding. Evaluate your options and try a different approach to setting wheels in motion after March 17.
By applying your highest levels of creativity to your work, you can accomplish feats that amaze even you! This is no time to be lazy; focused efforts and actions will be noticed.

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