Taurus March 2020 Horoscope

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Keeping the peace may not be easy now, especially if you’re trying to satisfy a set of unrealistic demands or expectations. In addition, Mercury’s retrograde adds an element of anxiety, especially if there are misunderstandings. Try to clarify whenever possible!
Releasing tension through activities like stretching or graceful movement is helpful, but you may also need something more forceful, like intensive workouts several times each week. Slacking off takes its toll quickly.
Although there’s time for romance, you may be a little withdrawn as you explore your inner self more fully. Spend time with those you love during the Moon on March 2. Don’t forget about your friends, whose support gives you courage just when you need it during the Moon on March 17. You may be uncertain about your feelings after March 20, and need to give yourself time to clarify what’s deep in your heart.
Creative and imaginative approaches to resolving conflicts or issues at work work nicely during Mercury’s retrograde from March 10 to 31. But watch out for financial glitches, and be prepared for unexpected expenditures if something breaks. Closely scrutinize investment opportunities and avoid signing contracts after March 10, when you’re better off negotiating. Postpone final decisions until next month.
You may know what you want after March 20, but you’re vulnerable to deception if others know your weaknesses. Hold your ground, especially during the Moon on March 31!

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